okay so it's time we talk about terrible makeup okay so here's the thing I'm going to go undercover to the worst rated makeup artists place and get my makeup it's blah blah blah blah right there's a bug on my lens okay all right you've had can you okay now since I live in Los Angeles which seems to be the holy mecca of self-appointed beauty guru genius it wasn't easy to find a really low rated beauty place but after hours of scouring Yelp and Google reviews and wanting to punch myself in the face I finally found some ball dropping reviews so I'm gonna read you guys a couple of them I'm not gonna show or like say the name of the place I want to put them on blast like that people are jackhammering and pounding on things okay this is my fault because I decided to come film out on the roof a great job okay so here's one the worst place to go I mean that's that's to the point here's another one worst service ever great how about this one terrible eyelashes interesting okay here's another one the girl didn't know what she was doing I left still looking like I needed my brows done he never again all right so now that I have found the place it is time for me to make an appointment and do this thing to my face this might be a total disaster let's do it hi is this the hi I do you guys still do full face makeup okay alright thank you I literally just spent hours and they don't even do makeup anymore so I got to start over hi is this are you still a beauty place or do you guys still do makeup yeah okay do you have appointments today I have an event today and one tomorrow so if should I call back okay I'll call back okay the person you have dialed can't take your call now oh my gosh okay I'll call back in ten minutes wish me luck everyone uh hi I called earlier about getting makeup done okay thank you they didn't even take my name to schedule this appointment okay I guess I'm showing up there at 5:00 which sucks because that's the worst traffic time to take me like an hour or longer to get down there that's okay I'm committed to making this happen let's do it on a scale of 1 to late pretty sure I'm gonna be late hi I have an appointment at 5:00 for makeup I I'm getting off of work a little late is 5:30 okay thank you well this is off to a great start oh great it's going to take 57 minutes to get there Janice only traffic from the manager life's a lot oh well this is the speed I've been going at for the last two minutes we're here arrived okay so I'm in the parking lot I don't know why but I'm actually nervous right now okay so some of the key things that I'm gonna look out for is it if it's sanitary like if they use clean brushes using like disposable applicators you know things like not putting the lipstick like directly from the bullet to my lips cuz that's oh that's I think that's what I'm most nervous about right now let's go inside I'm already late wish my face look here's the before face and then the after is coming let's do this forgot to warn you guys prepare yourself for a lot of really ugly camera angles so sorry hi I have a 5:30 I don't know we could do something fun okay okay no all right so here is where I am basically trying to hide my camera on my lap and I'm just asking her a few questions trying to get to know her be friendly you know how long have you been doing makeup three years did you like study it yourself yeah so straight off the bat she started with moisturizer went in with her bare hands I know that would bother some people to me it's like I just hoped her hands were clean and now she's doing the foundation now it's a good sign she's using a pallet she's using a blender sponge of some sort she's not pressing too hard so things are looking pretty good and it was at this moment that I kind of decided that hiding the camera on my lap just wasn't gonna work I always do with my finger but I feel like I'm doing it wrong so yeah I came up with this excuse that I was gonna use my phone to like watch what she was doing and learned like this concealer moment that's happening I don't actually know if there was any product on the brush no it's like therapeutic seeing it diamond but you know I'm just gonna keep talking like I don't know what's going on cuz you know if I don't know what's going on then um you know but yeah okay well let's move on from here so we go onto the brows situation which you know I understand my brows are a bit of a monster to try to tackle so she you know she went in with the powders and shapes were made and you know they're not that's so bad we're still hanging in there hanging tough and now we're going to the eyes now this moment caught me off guard there was no primer applied at all and she went straight in with this wait first let's get let's get that okay there's scratch that no pick it off okay yes girl that okay perfect she went straight in with this liner and I mean it was a little uncomfortable I didn't quite know where we were going but you know what I'm on the boat we have set sail and so I you know captain you steer the ship I will go where you go and I hope that there's a life preserver if I need it so then she went over with some copper eyeshadows now we've got some blacks going I'd ask for like a smokey eye look so you know we're kind of getting that Amy Winehouse vibe you know that's okay and then we went in with some greens over the top of everything so again like this the order of process of things may not necessarily the finger is you know that that's fine it's totally fine I do that to myself all the time so I at this point I thought that you know we weren't like in the blended stage yet but she applied the highlighter so that told me that we were basically done so she moved to my lower lid now and q-tips were involved I mean I kind of feel like she was actually putting the green shadows into my eye bags because at this point I kind of like I kind of look like I got punched in the face let's be honest here okay my bags are just you know they they are been full effect but that's okay sometimes I like that look she did accidentally stab me in the eye with the bristles of the brush so Google that yeah that didn't play out too well for my I turn pretty bright red as you guys can yeah well you know that's okay look it's a look and then my one of my worst nightmares happened she did go in to my eyelashes directly with the mascara wand so whoever had used this mascara before me your lash bugs are now all over my eyelashes as well so thank you for that but you know what contour contour shall prevail because the contour game here is wrong folks I mean the line the I don't it's not even a contour where you normally have it it's more like she just chiseled the outer perimeter of my face I have a five o'clock shadow and I am living just proud okay I am proud of this newfound shadow setting powder went in over the top you didn't mess up my brow there that's okay and we were going in with highlight with the finger so this is you this is an approach the tiny brush is also another approach I'm okay with all of these things you know what whatever gets you to the end result that yo my gosh okay at this moment I my soul I think left my body that was the lip product going directly on my lip here we are dry yeah so we went off with some blush we topped it off and you know we were done she got some pictures thank you let me get my progress hmm so let's have a talk okay so my contour game is strong right now okay so I think the makeup artist was a total sweetheart I don't want to be that person who criticizes or critiques someone else's work because everyone is at a different stage in their game I give her like all of the ease for all of the effort that she put into this and she was it's cute you know what girl she literally she told me that my lips are very dry which I was like I feel attacked come on sis we don't have to call each other out low-key like I think she probably knew that I was filming I just like I didn't even try to hide it anymore she didn't say anything I didn't say anything but you know what at the end of the day she just made some money off me go on sister girl okay get your check oh my gosh I am pretty certain that she went directly from the mascara wand to my eyeball and then my greatest fear and I didn't even have a moment to ask about X you went straight on my lips that guy is scratching his balls everything else was sanitary but we don't need a lip line no one who needs a lip line I'm just kidding it's like all in all the makeup is not even that bad you know what girls so just keep practicing I believe in you I have faith in you and you were super nice and I appreciate she accommodated my late ass okay so like major bonus points to her for that all right I think I'm gonna go over to dirt and I'ma showing my makeup shocking more traffic there it's coming are you ready to see this colors don't go into your skin I mean it's not the worst okay the line of the big wine yeah it's not that bad it's not that bad three stars out of five thanks for the reaction I'll see you later all right guys if you want me to try to do some more crazy things this wasn't that crazy but if you want me to try doing some crazy wild stuff we need a comments and I will do it and I will see you guys next time you


  1. NEW! I just went to the WORST Reviewed HAIR SALON in a brand new video!!! Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngDXPYP3ufg

  2. She literally used the exact same brush for everything….. and it wasn't even a blending brush. If I'm not mistaken it actually looked like the same brush she used for the concealer. WTF.

  3. Without the 5 o’clock shadow and some lip liner it would actually look pretty decent. 😂 Decent eyeliner and eyelashes.

  4. Lolz my girl went to the store in Walmart! I've always wondered about those beauty store places that are apart of Walmart's buildings. Btw, wasnt doing research on where u went, it's just when u have worked at a Walmart in the past and go shopping at those super Walmarts all the time, lolz u can tell the sound of carts being pushed and the clips of blue and orange signs u walked by.

  5. 6 years ago On my 19th birthday I wanted to get my makeup done but didnt make an appointment, so i went to the mall and asked for that free makeup service from Macy's when you buy $50 worth of products. I told the lady my dress is pink so I dont want anything that would clash. She did hot pink eyeshadow with black as my "transition" to "smoke it out" and bright red lipstick I wanted to cry when I got home. I returned all of the products LOL never got my makeup done by anyone else ever again, I had learned how to do it myself from YouTube.

  6. Putting makeup on someone using fingers doesn't really bother me (as long as they're clean of course) I've seen a lot of pro makeup artists do that but the final product is usually amazing. What bothered me was her applying mascara and lipstick on her straight from the tube like yikes 😬

  7. Also from what I seen the reason why you quote "look like you got punched" is because she used a concealer darker than your skin

  8. Im a licensed cosmetologist. And in my state (Virginia) cosmetologist are trained in hair, nails, makeup, massage and more. And this is making me laugh and cringe so hard 😂

  9. Oh I thought she’d be sitting with her chair in the road again but nope she’s sitting on top of a roof 😱😂

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