1. Thanks for this! His audio version became not available in country and i refuse to save full videos to my playlist, thanks again for this!

  2. When I hear this man sing especially this song it makes me weak at the knees. Lord have mercy! I can't even begin to describe my feelings when I hear this song "Movement" 5 years ago I heard him perform a song called "take me to church" it was so soulful as were the lyrics. I knew he was bound for greatness! 5 years later he released kiss new album Wasteland baby. This song- "Movement" is by far the best on the album. I think its the best he's ever recorded so far! I saw him perform this on GMA I believe it was last month and then again on GMA May 24th just this Friday. He is such a gifted artist! I hope he continues on this path and stays true to himself! I love this music his entire band is kick-ass as well including his backup singers They're All amazing artist!

  3. Another Masterpiece, worth waiting for.. so move me baby Hosier is brilliant with words, melody his voice and message ๐ŸŽผ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŽผ

  4. In the Spotify version is it just me or does it sound like has cotton or something in his mouth? I canโ€™t tell if Iโ€™m imagining it or if other people hear it too.

  5. I totally ignore the real intention of this song…. I like to think he is just watching someone dance… i mean…. Watching from a secure distance hahahaha

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