How To Stop Singing Froggy – Killer Tips and Tricks – Singing Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How To Stop Singing Froggy – Killer Tips and Tricks – Singing Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, Where the PROOF is in the Singing! Today we’re going to be discussing how not
to sing with a froggy sound. How not to sound like this when we sing. And I want to say
a couple of things that are very, very important first. Now, anyone can raise their hand to
be a vocal coach, and there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, especially on YouTube.
So how can you tell what information is legit, and what isn’t? The only way to really tell
is to ask yourself two very important questions: First, does the vocal coach that’s giving
the information Sing? Demonstrate a Lot of Styles of Singing? And do they Sing Well?
Can they Prove Out their Method? Do they have students that sing, and sing
well? So it’s not just the coach singing, but do they display students that sing, and
sing well? That’s the only true way you’ll be able to identify, or test whether or not
the information that they’re giving you isn’t something that they just got from someone
else’s course and they’re redistributing it, or they read it from some textbook somewhere…
But do they really have an understanding how to teach you? Because if they can’t do it
themselves, and they show no students doing it, they certainly can’t teach you how to
do it correctly. Here at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, we have
over 300 videos of myself and several dozen students singing, and singing well, proving
out what we teach. With that said, we’re going to talk about
frogginess, or how to get rid of the froggy sound in our throat. Now, there’s several laryngeal positions,
the position of the larynx, and there’s positions of the pharynx. Now I’m not going
to go through all of these, but I want to give you a couple of really cool, quick tips.
Now, I personally like to start people out with a lowered laryngeal position. What does
that mean? I’ll explain in a second. Ultimately, we actually do want to be in a neutral position,
and again, here’s some conflicting information on the Internet: that you should ALWAYS sing
in a neutral state. Well, sometimes that’s true, but sometimes it’s not, and I’m gonna
demonstrate what I mean in a minute. But, in order to be able to train a person that
has a froggy tone to their voice, or a propensity, or tendency to sing with a froggy tone, that
usually happens as we start to go up, or ascend in a scale or a passage. Let me show you.
So if we did a typical triad on an AH vowel, Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh. You may start with a lowered larynx position, laryngeal position, and it may even go into a neutral larynx position.
But what happens is as you go up into a scale, you force into the throat, and you force the
sound. So, Lahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You have this froggy, you know, strictured sound. Well,
what we do is we train the larynx to stay in a lowered state, not a neutral state, a
lowered state, and once we’ve mastered that state, then we can relax that state into a
neutral state, to get it to relax, because we have full, total control over it.
So I’ll start with the guys first, and ladies, I’ll get to you second, in your registration.
Guys, train the throat to go “AH!” Like the Doctor wants to see your tonsils. Ah!
Lah! Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh. Force that
throat to stay open and low. Ah! Ah! Ah! Like the Doctor wants to see your tonsils.
Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh
Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh Did you notice that my tongue has dropped
to the base of the jaw and I’m creating the maximum amount of space in the back of
the throat as possible? Well, I’m forcing the larynx to stay in a lowered position.
Now, here’s what it would sound like in neutral state, after we’ve mastered that…
We would go: Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh So it’s not ah, it’s AH, more like “Uh”
, like “love”… Ahhhh! Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh
Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh so ladies, for you, it would sound something
like this: La ah ah UH… Hear that? UH kind of sound in the throat? So, you are going
to want to, again, work towards lowering what I call the sound board, or your laryngeal
position. Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh
Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh Lah, Ah, Ah, AH, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh
You want to really drop this, the floorboard, or the sound board of that, and train it lower,
and then eventually you are going to allow it to go into a relaxed state.
This is an awesome trick, and an awesome tip to help keep you from a froggy or raised laryngeal
position. So, if you like what you heard, please LIKE
and SUBSCRIBE to my videos, and we have more videos coming your way, here at Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy. Peace. Out.


  1. Have you ever tried to sing a song, and the higher you go, the FROGGIER you sound? Watch this video and find out why that happens and what you can do about it! Killer Tips on How to Stop Singing FROGGY!

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  2. hi ken its been added to your like page on facebook please go to kens like page and facebook http://kentamplinvocalacademy.complease like comment share & message

  3. Thank you Ken! Got an education here 😊 Trying to keep up here, am visiting in Cali waiting for my new grand daughter to be born.

  4. Ken, could you possibly pretty please do a video on how to learn to sing on key better? That is, any tips on how to match a note you hear to a note you sing? Pretty sure I'm not tone deaf I just am unaware of the best way to go about training this. Thanks, and keep up the awesome work! Love all your videos!

  5. Great stuff! I have been singing professionally and teaching for many years, but your videos are great for continuing my learning endeavors!

  6. Hi Ken. Someone I would love you to do a "How to sing like" is Jay Buchanan from the band Rival Sons. "Pressure and Time" or "Gypsy Heart" would be fantastic.
    Keep up the good work Ken.

  7. I'm trying to find a vocal coach but it seems like there are too many coaches that'll either teach how "that vocal coach is wrong about this and that, this is what you have to do" or lean too far on their method while neglecting important parts of other methods that seem to be effective. SLS and Bel Canto for example, I see useful and effective methods on both sides of these teachings, so how can I utilize both for my maximum growth and development as a singer?

    Lip rolls are obviously universal, so that's good. But I'm just not getting enough out of the lip rolls. The "lah's" opened up my voice amazingly and gave me a lot more power, so that's cool. But aside from those, I can't seem to actually sing regular scales and notes effectively. It's weird, I can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'll do vocal warm ups, but afterwards I can't really sing until the next day or two. It's like the warm ups prep my voice to sing after full rest, and I know I should be able to always sing after warm ups. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

  8. Best vocal lessons on the internet Ken and thank you. I am considering the CDs.

    Also, there is a dentist in your town who needs to thank you for the Porsche!

  9. I have such a low voice for a female and deep, I must sing in the male octave range. If I attempt the female scale, I must sound like a man doing falsetto. I have a pure clear voice if I respect this. Am I just a true alto, or am I a female bass? I sing fine solo with my guitar, but for choir, I am not sure if I should just do the entire song in one octave or use the higher voice for alto parts, when I can reach the note well. I do find the breathing technique is awesome and am relaxing and resonating much better. I also was wondering, if voice lessons can change my range drastically??? I have been told by all they enjoy my voice, I just need some tips on singing in a group and being a blessing to the choir members and those listening. Thanks so much. I am sixty now and have a retirement plan! I plan to improve my singing and guitar skills, and am shopping for lessons.

  10. Hi Ken. I purchased your Weekend Warrior course and it is awesome. My question is for my understanding: Haven't Artists like Boz Skaggs, Gregg Allman, Hank Williams Jr. (and others) have made a career out of Froggy vocals? Or is there something else they are doing?

  11. Thanks Ken. I have nodes on my vocal chords so anything that helps me correct my voice and breathing helps. Love your videos. 🙂

  12. Ken,…we all know your the best,…..& anyone that watches a few of your vids will realize this,……I dont thing you should give so much for free,…cause I want you to sell your course! You give soooo much for free everyone can learn without buyin,….that just shows how so very awesome you are.

  13. ken i hope you can help me because i know i can sing high , but lately i have a problem because recently i am getting my voice from my voice and i strain and break alot because of that how to get ridd of singing from my throat :/ by the way your the best

  14. Could you do some videos with some different warm ups, other than triads? I understand that it's a great exercise to practice different aspects of vocal technique but it would be nice to see different things, as I'm sure you've got some jewels!

  15. Hi, ken! I've been following and actively watching vocal coaches on youtube for a while now learning exercises here and there, I've desperately been wanting to take lessons and improve my voice because watching free singing lessons on youtube only get's you so far..It would be easier if I was face to face with a singing teacher, telling me what I'm doing right and wrong plus there are so many techniques and information out there on the net, you can easily get lost in it all.There isn't a wide range of vocal coaches to choose from where I live (I live in New Zealand) I've been watching a few of your video's and you seem to be the only vocal teacher that resonates with what I need, if you were based here I would for sure take lessons with you 🙁 I love to sing! but I have become recently frustrated with not being able to get past my vocal blocks..I feel like I am unintentionally harming my own voice with bad technique.

  16. Ahmmm.. What about if there's something like a phlegm that will irritate inside your mouth? Does it means that your not doing it properly or what? Need some answers 'cause I feel it every time I practice. :'(

  17. Hi Ken! I am from Mexico City! Do u have any excersices for people who have nodules on the vocal chords? . I refuse to operation.

  18. Hey Ken I have a question, I'm gonna be buying your course in a few weeks and I was just wondering, do you cover how to sing with a neutral larynx? I struggle with keeping my larynx neutral especially in my high notes. Plz help!

  19. I never sound froggy.

    What's confusing is Ken wants us to sound bright.

    Yet lower larynx makes us sounds dopey. For me higher larynx makes me sound super bright and pinging like the way he talked about.

    Super confused. Pro pack buyer.

  20. I love you, Ken i can,t afford your courses but i can surely watch your free videos.
    And I hope you upload more relative & helpful singing courses.

  21. Watching the closeup of Ken's mouth (uvula and all!), got me thinking. I wonder if I sometimes constrict myself and tighten up because I imagine that I'll look odd when singing with my mouth that wide open! If so, I'm working against myself because I then sound odd. Looking odd or sounding odd … hmmm, I guess I should choose the former and keep that mouth open to let the sound out.

  22. Can you teach John Newman this plz. And fast, before he releases any more songs with his current voice.
    Best Regards Thomas

  23. My teacher says I sing from the throat and that is wrong and makes me sound bad. I think this is what he meant?? But then, if I look at it, I sound just like you. I am confused as hell.

  24. Now I think got Why I have to keep my tongue flat in the back – that keeps my larynx down. Actually, I did not really understand what Ken was talking about in outer videos, but doing the exercises I begin to feel this alien (or latin) labels like larynx, soft palet etc – ti makes sense. Yeah, it takes time and I did run into oversinging, that was good, since that watch closely what exactly Ken says. His saying retun to the videos (I thought cool monetarizing technique) but Until I don't feel it I can't really understand it. Not because I'm retarded but It just takes time. Actually, I'm quick in a quick out guy, I have enough trouble with this, but as far as singing concerned seem to stick here…

  25. tells you how to fix it and demonstrates… effortlessly made the frog sound because he knows how its produced and knows how it's "unproduced". That's mastery.

  26. Many years i'm watching your free lessons i never watch this one. My biggest problem is my speaking voice usulally using low larynx, i hate to make my larynx neutral cause it's gonna be sounds too feminime for me.

  27. My voice not like frog but more like giant

    Baby cry when hear my voice😅…im looking for some video how to talk normaly…this video help me

  28. God you're so pleasant and positive so you practically force me to smile myself despite on I haven't been slept for 24 hours 😀

  29. When i first try to force my larnyx in a lowered position, i feel like im doing an "opera chest voice" that normal?

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