How to sing in harmony lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid – Harmony Games

How to sing in harmony lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid – Harmony Games

Hi, it’s me Justine! Welcome back to Open-Minded Singing Channel and today I prepared for you “lovely” by Billy Eilish and Khalid and if you complete this tutorial step by step you will be able to sing it in harmony. Let me show you how it sounds. It’s almost a whole song so it took me a little bit longer to do that for you and I recorded everything on my own: piano, violin, the beat, synths so I hope you will like it and after a tutorial with “bad guy”, I got so many requests for a longer fragment. So this time we’ve got a full package! First if you know my channel, you know what to do, but if you don’t I’ll explain how it works. I will show you how to sing each voice in your favorite songs and you can practice it first with me then on your own and finally sing it with other vocal parts. in the description and the first comment below the video, you will find a table of contents and you can easily navigate between the parts You can choose if you want to learn only one voice or all of them You can repeat each section as many times as you want to and go to the next one whenever you ready and also you can come back to this video at any time and jump straight to the practicing. On the screen, you will see the lyrics, sheet music and in the top left corner, you will find the name of the section. Let’s go! Lovely, what’s happening here? Two singers: Billie and Khalid and as always Billie’s famous for her harmonies and double voices and it creates that breathy, mysterious sound of her. so we have three Billie’s part and one by Khalid. The form is pretty obvious the first verse, chorus, chorus outro which is two bars, the second verse, chorus, and the final chorus outro. Same order as in the original song. Let me show you the first lead vocal part, which is Billie’s part ’cause she starts the whole song. A lot of singing and not much time to breathe especially in the chorus. In the studio you can record as many versions as you want to and pick the best moments to create one perfect chorus and I also very often do that, but I wanted to sing the whole thing for you so probably it’s not so precise. You can hear my fast inhales and don’t worry if you struggle with it, too When I was practicing it at the very beginning I wasn’t able to sing that “takes” word in the second verse. So don’t worry. You just have to repeat it and repeat it and you will do it at some point. So let’s give it a shot and try to sing it alone. Awesome! Remember to add that whispering effect to your singing and don’t try to use your full voice. Especially in the verse and in a chorus outro. Now We can add it to all the other voices. Great! The second voice is also Billie’s part and it’s a lower backing vocal. Let me show you what to sing. Okay, if you want to come back to any section you can just use the navigation in the first comment below the video but you can, of course, move on and sing it alone. Great! In the chorus this voice will sing exactly this same melody as Khalid so you can try to add some texture to it and make it a little bit different. Let’s sing it in harmony! Third vocal. It’s a small part but very important. It’s the highest voice and it’s only in the chorus and as you probably know high voices always stand out. We’ll skip the verses and chorus outros and I’ll show you only one chorus as an example. Okay now it’s your turn and again only one chorus this time just to make sure that you remember your part. Let’s go! Good job! This is a perfect moment to appreciate your hard work because if you are here and you practice all vocal parts not only the lead one. That’s what makes a great singer! We will sing the whole fragment in harmony so you just have to repeat twice what you’ve just learned. Let’s go! The final part is that lead vocal by Khalid and if you completed all the previous parts It will be easy for you to learn also this one. Now I will show you how to sing it. Yes, Now you can repeat it or sing it with the backing track. Make sure that you can sing it alone because if you can’t it will be really hard to sing it in harmony. Let’s give it a shot. Amazing! Final part and final singing in harmony. Have fun! Good job! Thank you for singing with me and if you like this concept of learning singing Make sure to like this video, hit that subscribe button and click the bell to get the notification every time I’ll upload the video. Check out my previous tutorials with different songs by P!nk, Queen, Muse, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles and the others and if you would like to learn harmony to a song that’s not here. Make sure to write me a title in the comment section. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All the links you will find in the description. Leave me a comment or if you have nothing to say, but you like it. You can just leave a heart emoji. I’m just checking if there is anyone who watches the video till the very end. Hope you’re still here so I can say thank you once again. See you next week, on Friday. Bye!



    00:00 INTRO
    00:21 DEMO | Listen how it sounds
    03:19 How it works?
    04:02 LESSON
    04:20 VOC1 ______________
    04:46 VOC1 | Sing with Justine
    08:01 VOC1 | Sing alone
    10:46 VOC1 | Sing in Harmony
    13:15 VOC2 ______________
    13:23 VOC2 | Sing with Justine
    15:45 VOC2 | Sing alone
    18:09 VOC2 | Sing in Harmony
    20:38 VOC3 ______________
    20:59 VOC3 | Sing with Justine
    21:49 VOC3 | Sing alone
    22:52 VOC3 | Sing in Harmony
    25:21 VOC4 ______________
    25:34 VOC4 | Sing with Justine
    28:16 VOC4 | Sing alone
    30:53 VOC4 | Sing in Harmony
    33:22 Ending

  2. I need more videos like this in my life. I tried recording this song with the full 4 parts harmonies like a year ago and I just couldn't get it to sound good. Your mixing in both the instrumental and the vocals is so smooth and uniform. I could never get my recordings to sound this good. Congrats for the recording and thanks for the tutorial !

  3. Justine is just so good with harmony singing. I had difficulties concentrating as I got distracted by her angelic voice.
    Thank you for putting this beautiful training video together! 🙂 I wished we all could give you 1,000,000 Likes for all the hard work!

  4. Honestly I love to sing along with you. I've been down for days and I feel like Im completele lost but I really enjoy this like I didnt enjoy something in a long time

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