1. i know this might sound ridiculous but could you possibly do a video just on how to pronounce sixths properly? i got the ths kind of down but the sixths is almost impossible for me to do without twisting my tonque lol

  2. The Americans would pronounce 'sixth' like 'siks-th(unvoiced)' in one syllable, although you often hear it on the street as 'sixt' ('t' sound with a fat tongue opposed to the back of the teeth, almost as if you were ready to stick it in between the teeth to say 'th' but were too lazy 😉 The British tend to pronounce 'sixth' like 'sikth', ignoring the fact that 'x' is pronounced like 'eks' 'Sixths' is a real tongue-twister for any English speaker! PS-Rachel is the best for EFL on the internet!

  3. I think you have to say a full TH here, while in 'months' many natives will say 'munts'. This is because it's a compound word with+stand, so the THS isn't a cluster, it's the TH sound followed by the ST cluster.

  4. you have been a wonderful help, Rachel. I think its almost the only video here explains how to pronounce the tricky sound THS. Thanks

  5. Hi Rachel! I am from Costa Rica and I am trying to improve my English skills! Teacher said that you are so amazing. I am starting with all your videos. I hope you can help me, thank you so much for doing this! 😀

  6. Thank you Rachel. I am from Vietnam and I have troubled with "THS" sound. This is the first time I have watched one video can solve my problem. Thanks so much :3

  7. Hi Rachel, I was watching videos on youtube to improve my English and then I found one of yours and I liked so much. so I'm going to watch all of them. I´ll start now… I hope to improve more when I watch all…  🙂 😀 (Y)

  8. Hi Rachel, recently I have purchased your book, it is really nice and structured. Im also using Archie comics. Archie has collection of basic and common structure of sentences, Im applying rules of pronunciation on those sentences. I want you to come up with that kind of videos. Vineet

  9. Rachel your videos are amazing, I discoverd them yesterday and I'm planning to use them with my students. Thanks a lot for your compromise with teaching!!!

  10. I saw many of your videos and I think they are so helpful for beginners like me. Your instructions provide explicit points on matters of pronunciation. Explanations like 'no sound actually produce in your vocal cords', It might be seemed like a trivial part but I could actually solve my problem regarding the 'ths' pronunciation by learning this point. I've been always thankful for your kind and effective explanations but haven't had any chance to say it. So, figured I'd mention about it now.

  11. What a short but fantastic lesson. Hi Rachel, I found you yesterday and I am going to watch all your videos that's why I started from the oldest one. And definitely I am going to go back to your lessons after listening to all of them. You have a nice accent. Thanks a lot.

  12. Hi Rachel, I'm from Venezuela and it's the first time I see videos to learn English like this. You aré uníque. God Bless You. Right now I gonna see everyone video at your youtube channel. Thanks a Lot.!!

  13. Hey Rachel, I like your videos very much, It's helping me a lot, I'm gonna start to see your videos from older to newer and I will add Portuguese subtitle to help new students… Thank you for your help!

  14. Hi Rachel, I 'm Ramah from India ..i need to improve my communication skills and speaking skills

    where i can start to watch videos , is any order .

    thank you

  15. When did u start having grey hair ? U look good with or without it though . I like how u don't cover up your white hair .u rock Rachel .

  16. Is it correct to drop the TH sound in the plural "months"? I heard some native speakers pronounce it / 'mʌns / or / 'mʌnts / as in "hot summer months."

  17. I'm really glad I could watch this first video three times so that I can say that I just learned something really important to improve my Brazilian accent. Maybe I can develop an American accent in the future… AWESOME VIDEO !!! LET'S WATCH THE SECOND ONE NOW… 🙂

  18. For me the transition between θ/ð and s/z is impossible because I have lisp. What I do is I insert a very subtle break in the middle: θs is pronounced by me as θə̥̆s and ðz is pronounced by me as ðə̆z. The transition between ʃ/ʒ and s/z is easier for me.

  19. I remember you said there are two ways to pronounce the S in the “S [s] and Z [z] Consonants”, and I always use the way that tougue tip touches the bottom of the front teeth, but it will make the THS sound impossible to me to link together, could you tell me how to solve this problem? really appreciate

  20. رجأ عندما تسوي فيديو جديد سوين مترجمه عربي بس المانيا برتغال انجليزي

  21. I love this "technical" way of explaining it, I think it can really help out to just learn the tounge / air movements and actually think of those while beginning practising.

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