How to Play Drums : Basic Jazz Patterns & Drum Playing Styles

How to Play Drums : Basic Jazz Patterns & Drum Playing Styles

Hi! My name is Frank and what we’re going
to look at in this clip is a very unique style: it’s the jazz style. We’re going to look
at different patterns, but mainly the thing that sets it apart from most of the other
styles we’ve looked at in other clips—you can go check them out; let’s see rock, there’s
funk, some Latin things—but in jazz everything’s swinging 123 123 123 123 you can speed up
that 123 but it’s all pretty much based in three. So if you count right now in three
1231231231231231231 then you’re going to find the basis for all the patterns you’ll
play in jazz, 1231231231231231231231231231231231231231231231231231. So those subdivisions, which is what they’re
called, are in triplets; that’s what we call them, triplet beats. So speed up the
tempo and you got different patterns. That pattern there’s a big joke; it just sounds
like, sping, sping-a-ling, sping-a-ling that’s what the right cymbal’s doing…you’ll
notice that in another clip I go into much more detail; it’s a lot of French grip over
here on the ride cymbal, especially in jazz music, where it’s not about power it’s
about finesse. We’ve also started employing the hi-hat just doing chicks, loud two and
four on the hi-hat…1 3 1 3 put them together; that’s the main part of jazz. The snare
drum and the bass drum in rock, those are huge; in jazz, much lower down in the mix.
Don’t be the drummer who goes up to a jazz gig and sounds like a rock guy like this…that’s
just not swinging. So if you’re wanting to swing, keep it in the hands on cymbals,
but everybody submits to that 123123123123123123, listen to a lot of jazz; that’s what’s
going to get you swinging the hardest.


  1. i havent ever in my whole life met a guy called frank…i havent met you…but you taught me drums..your the first frank and you did somethin good teachin my a little jazz 🙂

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  3. I've seen Dave Weckl and Buddy Rich before. None of them even comes close to Chad Smith… now that's real drumming.

  4. no man uv got it all completely wrong
    chad is a good drummer but they are two different styles…chad is a rock drummer….jazz is much moer technical
    u can't compare apples and oranges

  5. Chad is more funk than rock, but that's not really important. I'm comparing two drummers. That's perfectly valid. If I was comparing a drummer to a guitarist, that would be apples to oranges. Comparing one style of drummer to another is like comparing a green apple to a red apple. Two different flavours of the same thing. And going with the apples and oranges theme, I like apples better. There. I compared them.

  6. @145DrumMaster its called traditional grip… most people use it for snare drums in marching band and things like that, but i guess this guy uses it for drumset too.

  7. I dont know WHAT everyone (everyone who is) complaining about here.

    This guy nails it right on the head. Very sound advice and completely true on how to play jazz – as a sound approach.


    Great video – ty for posting!

  8. This guy is quite versitile. I saw some of his other videos too and he is really good! Much better than most expertvillage stuff.

  9. Thank you very much for these tips. I've been playing mostly basic rock for now and i want to learn out more of jazz this really helpes me find the right way to play jazz.

  10. So the rides about finesse? Occasionally, but thats on ballad charts, when your generally using brushes anyway. The ride cymbal is the rhythm to your time. The time is the bass and the hi hat. Oh, by the way, wheres the bass? I didnt happen to hear it through the whole instructional.
    Jazz needs to be strong. Its all syncopation and polyrhythms. It doesnt have to be hard, but keep it cool.

  11. @metallicarocks911 this kinda comments aren't funny no more cause it's getting too common. Which suggests that EV actually does have some good videos and that not all of them are bad, so stop hating on them.

  12. i was going to say the same thing.

    this is the first guy from expertvillege that actually sounds like a good teacher

  13. He didn't say it was. He said each quarter note can be broken out into triplets, so that the 4/4 beat "swings".

  14. your left/right hand independence is very good. however, your right hand aint swingin,. its clangin! little more finesse practice.

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