How to Play African Drums : Six Sounds of a Djembe Drum

How to Play African Drums : Six Sounds of a Djembe Drum

So as we said, we we find three basic sound,
but by saying three basic sound, if the left hand said “don”, the right hand said “don”,
the left hand say “gon”, so you get those together, this means six sound. Go, do, don,
gon and pa, ta, and with those six sound you can say a story, you can tell a story, you
can write a book, you can do whatever with those six sound. So you need to know how to
combine them. Let me combine the six sound for you and you see what’s happening. This is the other kind of exercise you should
do when you suggest start playing the drum. Other exercise (playing) that’s alternate
other hand and another one.(playing)


  1. hey you should check out my video of me playing the djembe – i just uploaded it yesterday – its pretty good, and im looking for some people who like djembes to view it

  2. check out my video of me playing the djembe – you might like it – im looking for people who like the djembe to see my video 🙂

  3. You can really hear the difference in tone between somebody who knows shit versus a clown (like the other 'experts'). You can hear the intent, the conviction and the purity in his music. It's almost like the djembe is speaking like what he's describing.

  4. Well he "broke it down" naming sounds according to which hand plays – very detailed, like tabla. African drummers do "talk" like that – pa-ka, ba-da, go-do etc But each hand is should play the tone the same when you've developed expertise.. unless you WANT them to sound different. So you both have a point depending on what his application of the names is. But yeah, he's showing three tones with 6 names. Those who don't like your comment aren't drummers yet & vid is too short to be clear

  5. because the audio of this vid isn't very good teh djembé sounds like a tin can. (had the same problem when i taped some djembé sounds (with a very good djembé))
    I think this djembé should sound a lot better in real life:)

  6. Les exercices ne sont pas mauvais…mais il joue 3 sons comme la plupart des djembéfolas … et pas 6 !Si vous voulez des spécialistes des sons allez voir les gouros ou les bétés de côte d'ivoire. Là, vous entendrez clairement d'autres sons( claque fermée et bordures) mais ce n'est pas donné à tout le monde de faire sonner un djembé!!! écoutez thomas guei dans SOUNAN par exemple…

  7. Hows that 6 sounds. Thats 3. I know a Djembe Master from the Ivory coast who can actually play 6 or more sounds. According to this video he can doule that number cos he has two hands.Doh.

  8. I was fortunate enough today to learn a bit about playing these drums..and fortunate enough to actually have a hands on lesson!! WOW I loved it..Now I'm so wanting to learn more…LOVE THEM!!

  9. @MingTheMerciful I'm almost 17, and I've been playing for almost 10 years. From my experience I can tell you, you'll most likely have problems with some tricky things the first year, but once you get to know the rythms and know how they sound together, you can start playing solo's and invent your own solos! I'm pretty good with the feeling and rythms but I always say: 1 extra slap on a djembe that isn't part of the rythm, is A SOLO! Good luck to you and have fun!

  10. Keep playing does Africans Drums, never stop playing it. This is where the Bomba and Rumba comes from its from west Africa you guys are the best.

  11. Wow, where did you get your djembe? Did you make it? I get all of mine from the heartwood project! It sounded so crisp and the sound travels perfectly!

  12. @rainyribbons

    I'm thinking about buying a djembe at some point myself, but there are tons from which to choose. Perhaps you can look up types of djembes before finding the one that suits you the most. That's what I'm doing.

    Best wishes.

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