How Musicians and Fans Can Fight the Opioid Crisis at Rock Shows | NowThis

How Musicians and Fans Can Fight the Opioid Crisis at Rock Shows | NowThis

we don't view drug use obviously as an ethical or criminal issue it's a public health issue and by talking about it on stage at a rock show in a normal setting it's helping to normalize the concept of harm reduction anyone who has a loved one who uses drugs or you know a loved one who has a loved one who uses drugs should be aware of and involved I got the news and just walked to CVS and picked it up for free with my insurance people were really excited to see that I was carrying it and that we would be carrying it at all future speedy Ortiz shows and a lot of people commented on the post because I'd ask them to with names of harm-reduction organizations that they liked local ones people who use drugs exist everywhere people who use drugs are people people use drugs for a variety of reasons and nobody deserves to die because they're using drugs everyone should be carrying awesome I got into her reduction because my loved ones were using my community was using I came up in a punk scene I care pretty passionately about getting it into the hands of music my music musicians cuz it that feels like my community if you do have friends or people that shows who you know are using I think offering to to be a support to them and not using not letting them use alone offering to check in I have bands come stay at my house all the time whores are musicians you don't know whether I have coffee or tea in the morning I don't know what their drug habits are but I have American and my guest bathroom and it's prominently there I had read about an initiative in Detroit where they have naloxone kits behind the bar at every music venue there and I think it would be great at Philadelphia had something similar so I started to communicate with the local venues that I know and respect to see what they think the real first responders to the overdose crisis are people who use drugs and their loved ones the bulk of them are not comfortable going into pharmacies lots of folks who'd not everyone who needs is read certainly but lots of folks who use drugs aren't insured aren't able to access things through our oximetry pharmacies even if they are insured there's stigma associated with picking up no oxen you know every night I start off by asking who here has heard of harm reduction coalition who's heard of harm reduction and maybe a couple people will be like whoo but it's not as widely understood as it should be having this conversation on stage and inviting people to talk with me at the merch table after the show if they have any questions you know some people will come up to me and say like I've been in recovery for ten years like thank you for talking about this issue other people will come up to me and say I've lost friends and relatives thank you for talking about this issue I've lost too many friends to opioid overdose at this point friends I'll never have back I don't think anyone should die for this reason when there is life-saving medication that can help so we're just raising awareness not only of that but of the other resources that harm reduction coalition provides the people who use drugs are people they're people that you know I personally love and want to see supported and being as healthy as possible


  1. At least this is addressing one side of the coin. I've estimated around 98% of all American's aging 16-65 are addicts and dependent on some form of drug and/or medication right now. This goes back 200 years ago. It actually goes back much much further but over the last 200 years drugs have taken on creative forms. In the last 25 years it's gotten really creative but since 2005 it's on a whole new level. Because it effects everyone, the deceptive questions began to get asked and answered. How do we take the drug out and leave the effects? How do we tweak it so that it can do all this – create a drug substance that is not technically a drug but acts just the same and lasts 12-24 hours longer & is much weaker but produces and retains the same effect as a drug & doesn't produce the negative effects of a drug before taking another dosage & is more controllable by the human mind and body and make it so that no one can tell that you are on anything & make it legal and something that a person can be on for the rest of their lives and make it impossible to overdose on. Can we create and produce a one a day pill that can do all that? asked, answered and done. Now the problem goes away or at least gets reduced. It's called beating the drug epidemic in a whole new way. Rather than beating addiction, it's been deceptively modified to a whole new level of functioning addict. Now what?

  2. Why do the kids feel the need to use at the rate they are using, everything in their world is so freaking negative at the moment, give them hope of a future. Kudos to you lovely people for actually doing something real and positive. 💙

  3. Blah blah blah. I've never seen so much love and care given to drug addicts until it predominantly affected whites # FACTS

  4. This is an amazing story. I just wish someone did this sooner than later. I've lost so many great friends that are musicians and friends alike and if this was available they would still be here. Thanx for sharing this video your saving lifes

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