How I Clean My Room (Rap Song Attempt)

How I Clean My Room (Rap Song Attempt)

Hey guys welcome back to my… REWIND! *rewinding* Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel I haven’t uploaded a proper video in so long! I’m finally back to it yay! So as the titles says today’s video is gonna be a Giveaway Just kidding! It’s not gonna be a Giveaway Why? Because I have nothing to give away *laughs* *cries* But! I do have a lot of other video ideas which I’m really really excited to do Like this one! Yesterday I was talking to my friend Chaimae And I told her how messy my room is And how unmotivated I feel to clean it So this idea just came up to me to make a video of me cleaning my room Yeah! I thought why not use something that I love so much as a motivator to do something that I hate so much. So without further ado, I’ll leave you with the rest of the video Did you like it? Did you like it? Did you like it? I had so much fun filming it! Tell me in the comment what you thought about it! I’m really curious to know your opinions! Also, if you managed to reach this part then… Don’t forget to subscribe, and like, because… I’m doing a… what is it called? A Giveaway! When I reach 300 subscribers So make sure to subscribe to get notified! Aight see you next time, BYE!


  1. علاش تا تهضري بالإنجليزية راك مغربية عربية مسلمة خاصة تفتاخري فهاد شي

  2. yes i like it , yes i like it , yes i like it 😀 and find another parking for your shoes , it's unhealthy for you dude Big up !

  3. nice channel subscribe and like… can you watch my last video and like & subscribe back for me please…thank you?

  4. hey I hv an idea for keep clean your room … 1stly u should remove your shoes out of rooms and u should moped the floor every day… nd u know u r a # Pagal Ładakî # coz u r a technical student yaar it's common sense that how u do that naa … hahahaha sorry I was kidding. .u don't a pagal ladaki… u r an intelligent girl yaar … I like your style…. oommhhaa

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