Hip-Hop’s Lyrical Love For Tay-K | Genius News

Hip-Hop’s Lyrical Love For Tay-K | Genius News

TIA: In 2017, Texas rapper Tay-K dropped “The
Race,” a song that would quickly make him a hip-hop sensation. TIA: While “The Race” would go on to be Tay-K’s most successful song, he was not
around to reap the benefits of the track’s success. ANNOUNCER: 17-year-old Taymore McIntyre has
been arrested in New Jersey by the U.S. Marshal Service and is being held there pending his
extradition back here to Texas. TIA: Tay-K was arrested the day the video
for “The Race” dropped, on charges of capital murder and the song’s lyrics tell
tell his story *pretty* clearly. TIA: In July 2019, Tay-K plead guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery but not guilty
to capital murder, stemming from the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker in 2016. TIA: That same month, Tay-K was sentenced
to 55 years in prison after being found guilty of murder and three counts of aggravated robbery. JUDGE: We the jury find the defendant guilty
of the offense of murder. Tay-K’s rap career began way before “The
Race,” notably as part of the Daytona Boyz alongside fellow rappers Pimpyz and Santana,
both of whom are also doing ample prison time TIA: However, after ”The Race” caught fire and the story of his arrest blew up,
tons of rappers started dropping their own freestyles over the beat, many of them taking
the opportunity to shout him out, like Lil Yachty. YACHTY: I met Tay-K my first show I had in
Texas. They paid me like $250 to drive to Texas to
do a show, he was on the same bill. TIA: And Lud Foe, who Tay-K even named as
one of his favorite rappers. LUD FOE: I fuck with Lud Foe heavy. Lud Foe is a big inspiration. TIA: In September 2017, Alabama’s YBN Nahmir
dropped his viral hit “Rubbin Off The Paint,” featuring his own Tay-K line. NAHMIR: My brother just got locked up on a
gun charge you feel me that’s why I said Free Lil Tay know he keep a ‘k but he not
Tay-K. And Tay-K was poppin at the time so I was
like they prolly gonna think I’m talkin’ about Tay-K. TIA: And Nahmir eventually dropped his own freestyle on “The Race.”. TIA: Besides freestyles, a number of rappers have referenced “The Race” and its lyrics,
in their songs, too. Everyone from Brooklyn’s Tekashi 6ix9ine… TIA: …to Offset… TIA: …to Cardi B have all mentioned “The Race”
on their songs. TIA: And it’s not just “The Race” that’s
gotten love from other rappers. TIA: In 2018, the BlocBoy JB collaboration
“Hard” was released, a redux of Tay-K’s earlier cut, “Opp Shit.” TIA: And in February 2020, Lil Mosey interpolated
some of these lines on his cut “Blueberry Faygo.” TIA: Besides specific song mentions, Tay-K’s
always just being shouted out in lyrics, whether calling for his freedom or another mention
of his hit song. TIA: In 2019, Zack Fox dropped his own memorable
Tay-K mention on “Jesus Is The One.” ZACK FOX: Get Tay-K out of there, man. What’s a couple of lives when you got bars? TIA: And recently, Trippie Redd name-dropped
Tay-K on “How I Was Raised.” TIA: As of early 2020, Tay-K is still behind bars and is still facing a robbery and another
murder charge for his alleged involvement in two separate incidents back in 2017. TIA: Genius reached out to his attorneys for
comment but they did not respond by press time. TIA: While it doesn’t look like he’s set
to be released any time soon, Tay-K has still remained one of hip-hop’s favorite figures
over the last few years. I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music.


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  2. Maaaan if y'all think this is 'lyrical' then yall dumb as shit. Get a grip my hommie. Hit me up i'll show you some artists with actual lyrics dawg. Fucking punks.

  3. It’s not that deep them niggas don’t care it jus rhymes and they be rapping bout stars in the ceiling and cars 🥴

  4. Rappers: Slaughtered innocent girl for not having sex with them, bashed old man for no reason, raped their cousin, illegally owned multiple guns used to murder, stole cars, sold drugs etc..

    Fans: Free my mans

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  7. Did homeboy really say Get Tay-Kay outta there man what's a couple of lives when you got Bars? Like WTF please tell me he was joking

  8. "your boy's deep, well let's get to subtactin"

    I thought he said "your boys teeth, well let's get to subtractin" lol

  9. Also, Tay-K “Murder She Wrote” at 0:12 https://youtu.be/2lyJCkwc1iw has the same verse as 6ix9ine “Chocolate” at 1:04 https://youtu.be/rYyrtDrAvpk

  10. “What’s a couple of lives when you got bars”????

    Ok cancel all the RIP POP SMOKE postings then. It’s just a single life right?

  11. Well what the hell do they expect him to do?? Hes from texas they been riding horses and killing civilians since the 1700's,cowboys will be cowboys

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