1. I am glad you exist and you decided to make this channel. Really don't know how I would sleep without these videos ❤️
    Nice gentle sound and movement in this one, love it

  2. Perfect timing.!!🌛💘Amazing and beautiful sound.!!🙏🏼All your videos are always perfect.!! Good night and greetings from dreamland.!!🌙💘

  3. I don't like this one soooo much as I like the others, but it's still good. Thanks for the new Video! I'm still really sick, but it is getting better! Good night to y'all, an Hello from Germany, and take care!

  4. I love it. Th old hairdryer sounds.
    It's very nice that you give information about every hairdryer you made a record.
    Thanks AL 👋🏽😊

  5. did I mention I have Bose headphones and this is just…dope.
    Believe it or not….people ask me at the gym what am I listening to !! When i say " to a hairdryer" they think i am beeing sarcastic!

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