1. Great, but borrowed concept that requires a lot of prep and a host able to improvise to be any good… Since only sad ppl hit the dislike button, I'll just give you 3 out of 10 in the comments to see you improve ūüėČ

  2. she is amazingly annoying…i'm glad HAIM was just being real with her unlike other people on this show…HAIM ftw!¬†

  3. WTH did I just watch?!
    Did I miss something here…I really don't understand this.
    Feel bad for the Ladies being interviewed.

  4. …If Vanessa Bayer was going for celebrity interview satire, with moments of¬†awkward tension, then she missed her mark..by a mile…….Zach Galifianakis's, "Between Two Ferns" (Funny or Die)¬†is way funnier….sorry…

  5. Want to see what Janessa had to say to Drake, Tegan & Sara, FUN., The Wanted, & others? Watch every episode of Sound Advice on our site right here: http://bit.ly/StUvuu 

  6. Anyone who thinks this is supposed to be serious is-excuse the pun-seriously dumb. I thought it was pretty funny.

  7. You guys need to relax, this isn't a real show.  Haim were in on the joke (Alana almost laughing at the Este impression should have been enough of a clue).  Vanessa probably spoke with them about doing this when they performed on SNL. 

  8. people who don't get the joke in this interview would not be able to handle Between Two Ferns at alllll

  9. Sadly this is the kind of stuff that has to make us laugh. I know it's part of a set-up and they're acting, but really, do we have to take this as comedy? Offending others?

  10. the dislikes are from the people who don't understand the humor and don't understand it's all a big joke; the girls definitely get it though so..

  11. when she does the air qoutations she doesnt like doing it, shes just representing how the audience is thinking lol

  12. what a lame comedian nothing funny about this skit hughe FAIL,SNL has the least talented people in comedy for the past few years, it's almost pathetic

  13. I get it that the interviewer who is ment to be a "comedian" has this awkward thing going on here with this Janessa Slater personality, and I see what this show is trying to do but it fails miserably its like a really shitty version of "Between Two Ferns". I never laughed at any bits. 

  14. Is this really the new kind of crap that above average is trying to pass as comedy?? I can't stand this harness a character and it's been a while since anything genuinely funny has been posted.. This is to the writers and editors of above average..Please put more effort into your videos because the over all quality and humor is severely lacking in all departments.. You'll soon have to rename your channel to severely below average.. I'm not trying to be funny or claim to be but as your channel is a comedy sketch compilation that has been funny enough in the pas for me to actually subscribe to, I've found that there hasn't been any funny sketches posted in a long time.. It's been a string of lame sketches that somehow you've seen fit to make sequels to.. It wasn't funny the first second or third time it was posted so please stop and think of something originally funny.. I rarely post on anything so the fact that I took the time to write this novel means I'm extremely disappointed with this stupid sketch series that you insist on making more of.. Bring back the old stuff if necessary but don't rehash this crappy poorly written stuff..

  15. Was this suppposed to be funny or what? I didn't get it. I was in a festival and had the chance to see these girls live and they are amazing. 

  16. "Remember when we went to Urban Outfitters and it was closed and we lost our minds?!" Haha, these are so damn funny!

  17. l thought l was never gonna see Este and Alana kind of annoyed and bored during an interview…they even got along with Nardwar, which is a lot to say.
    l don't know if they are performing as well,trying to seem pissed off, if they are, then they are doing it very well.

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