gill and gilbert except it’s just them singing

gill and gilbert except it’s just them singing

Brian: All right, this one is a- a weird timing one, so this- (singing) could be not so good for me B: (whistles, then singing with the game music) ba-da-da-da-da, ba-da-da-da-da B: Bup-ba-ba-da-ba-da-da-da (melancholy ukulele chords) Patrick: (singing) I’ve made some mistakes I’ve made some bad mistakes I was killed by a goblin Then he hit me with a sword and now I’m dead P: da-da-daaa-da-da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da B: (adding in and harmonizing) da-da-daaa-da-da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da (blues-y guitar chords)
B: (hums) B: Thought I could make it Thought I could hold P: Sorry, I’m fucking up here
B: It’s okay! B: Thought I could make it, without going to explode But you live by the bomb you die by the bomb I should have listened to my mom. P: This one’s for all the mothers out there.
B: Love you, mom. B: (playing melodica)
P: (hums) P: ‘K, alright P: So I have died once again This is my fate to die As is the fate of all mortal men To be hit by a stick from a goblin P: (playing soft guitar chords) B: Ooooh-oooh-ooh-ooooh-oooooooh P: (overlapping) It’s a weird progression
B: I love that progression, don’t worry, you’re doing great. B: This is what I want to sing. Sometimes when you’re on fire You forget to look around And sometimes a bokoblin will come and knock you to the ground And that’s what happened to my friend Link So I guess you could say I stink and I’m sorry for dying Sorry for dying B: (begins beatboxing while playing the melodica) P: What?! No, what you’re doing is impossible
B: You got it! P: Uhhhh Hot fire. It’s what killed me. And- uhhhh- just listen to this B: This is very spitty now! P: I died in a fire I died in a fire P: (playing guitar)
B: (starts clapping) B: Everyone clap along at home B: Film yourself clapping and then send it in. B: Everyone clap. This really will not work if you don’t clap. (P: Yes) B: On the two and the four, not on the one and three. B: Hey, whoa It’s Link’s time to go I was looking in the camera seeing my friends And it made Link meet a terrible end and now it’s time for you to clap on with the show I’m sorry (clapping rate increases) I’m sorry P: Bahhhhh
B: This is a segment called! (Brian scatting, primarily with ba ba ba-ba-ba, for the next minute) P: Where is he, where is he
B: (continues scatting) B: It’s that time of the year, it’s that time of the day P: Shoo-bop shoo-bop shoo-bop
B: Here we go, we’re going to drink some fluids after hours with Gill and Gilbert B: Da-na-na-na-na-nah What could this be, I don’t know, I hope it’s a good one B: (scatting) B: (theme from The Windwaker) Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-dooo-doooo
P: (hums) P: (hums)
B: tch-tch-tch P: Well, it’s the holiday season
B: The holiday season P: So doop-dee-doop
Both: And ship-pi-dee-dop
P: And dippidee-dop-dop B: And then he scats for the next six minutes
P: (scats) B: If we listen to each other’s hearts We’ll find we’ll never fall apart And maybe love is a reason why for the first time ever we’re seeing it eye to eye B: ‘Cause baby it’s you, you’re the one Iove B: You’re the one I need! You’re the only thing I see.
P: (British accent) And she’s lovely, she’s just got a lovely voice B: C’mon, baby, it’s you!
P: She’s married to a very successful rapper B: You’re the one that gives your all P: And, uh- yeah, she doesn’t have a lot of, uh-
B: You’re the one I can always call B:When I need to make everything stop
P: lot going on in the way of her, uh- B: Finally, you put my love on top!
P: philanthropical- philanthropical pursuits, but uh- P: She’s a lovely performer, and I was, uh- I was flippin’ through this magazine And I saw a picture of- of this Beyonce and I said, alright, sir. That’s the lady for me. B: Thank you for loving me.
P: Thank you.


  1. BDG's talent is wasted on us ungrateful mortals. Like seriously actually though, I'd buy a serious album made by him and I've never bought serious music before.

  2. Seriously BDG singing from 6:00 to the end is just the best thing ever. I appreciate him and his amazing talent so fudging much.

  3. when pat sings "ive made some mistakes" i always expect him to follow with "ive made a few, ive bit off more than I can chew"

  4. Alright Brian, I've been tryin for like 2 hours and cannot for the life of me beatbox on the melodica. But I did learn I can make a chord in some places by buzzing it like a trumpet with 2 keys down. Sooooo progress…??

  5. What are they singing in the fifth clip. I’ve heard it before but it was in a neil cicirega mashup so I have absolutely no clue how to find it.

  6. Brian's just your classic triple threat. He can sing, he can dance, and he can solve the continuity errors of the Zelda timeline with monopoly.

  7. 6:15
    Someone made a version of this where they put the music from the song in the back and it was great.

    Edit: not that he needs it

  8. lol sorry is this question is dumb. but are they brothers??? i remember a patrick in brian's video "siblings" and i'm not sure if he's the same patrick

  9. I will take any BDG music at this point. I listen to See The Day any time I need a pick me up, and Stranger Sings can only tide me over for so long.

  10. You should make an updated version of this if you have time! They’ve sung a lot since you posted this ✨ I don’t mean to be rude I’m sorry!

  11. how the hell is he singing that deep in the beginning then hit that high note in love on top, this isn’t fair

  12. im just happy gil and i have the same guitar and the same melodica with gilber shshsh and ALSO their vocals ?? make ?? me ?? cry ?? i love them sm ::((

  13. god i literally physically swoon over brian, this video ended my life, im so fuckign gay for this man, im in gay love with a youtube man im Litcherally just like i was as a youth swooning over the celebs in magazines i feel so silly

  14. pat has such a lovely voice!! you can tell he gets shy after "ive made some mistakes" and resorts to half singing half talking ahaha

  15. i mean this only adds to my "i'd marry this man without a second thought" thing. honestly. the perfect man – sings, dances, cooks meals from zelda and can tell which castlevania villain "can get it"

  16. It’s so sweet to see Pat smile when Brian starts singing- he did it at least during eye to eye and love on top, maybe others

  17. Fun fact BDG is in a song called thumbnail so if you want more of his beautiful voice look it up. Its also on spotify.

  18. It baffles me how bdg can sing love on top perfectly after eating over 15 cookies and two tall glasses of milk

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