1. I love yall god bless such beautiful song someone tell Wes check his messenger I sent a friend requests

  2. Beautiful song. I kept on playing it the whole day so i can memorize the words of the song. The blending of the voice of the singers added sweetness and holiness to the song. God bless all of you.

  3. Every morning during breakfast i play this song . And at nite before goin to bed i play it again. I want to memorize the words. The words of the song brings me to worshiping God alone and thanking him for all He has done to me and to my family. Praise God for this group . Please Bill Gaither Can you put the lyrics of some of the songs you put on video. Thank you

  4. This is so beautiful and moving one closer to the One and Only GOD; courtesy of my all time favorite gospel vocal band!

  5. Jesus is the word of God, which live in me and abide never fail now here in me every moment. thank you so much song

  6. Love this song. Every time I listen to it, the spirit within me stirred. Yes, I will worship only at the feet of Jesus. He is my King and my Abba Father !!

  7. I am never fed up watching this amazing band and their amazing Home Coming concerts!!! Whenever i am down and tired in life they always lifted me up in their songs.

  8. Beautiful, beautifully done!!!! Love it, Reggae is so good !!!!! Todd add so much to this group also.

  9. This is is my favourite, i have listened over and over every day. Praise God ,there is none other who can deliver us but Him only. He has never failed , He is the same today, tomorrow and forever. Thank God for these gentlemen for availing yourselves that God can use them for His glory. The harmony is inomparable, the best .Well done, luv' u' guys.

  10. yes Lord,,,,I'll worship only at your feet……there is on other God to worship you are the only true God ,,and may your blessing continue bless GVB,,,,Amen

  11. Jesus plus anything = NOTHING…Jesus plus nothing = EVERYTHING! Just Jesus Only! Will never fail!! Hallelujah!

  12. I've heard a whole lot of Gaither Vocal Band songs in my time composed of many different singers but I really think that this group of men are the best!

  13. Listening all the way from Papua New Guinea in the Pacific, and am so blessed with the songs. I am a big fan of the Gaither homecomings and the Vocal band. Love the heart and the passion that Bill has for singing for the Lord, my dream is to watch you guys sing live. God bless all the new Gaither vocal band members, I miss Guy, Mark and David, and I hope you guys do one reunion album soon. God bless

  14. This is the best Gaither Band ever – I feel their heart! I wish somehow they could get Marshall Hall in there too!! I'm loving the use of guitars and and strings more.

  15. …das ist das Großartigste u Herrlichste was wir hier auf Erden tun können:
    Ihm allein alle Ehre und Anbetung erweisen🕊
    Seid mächtig gesegnet Brüder

  16. This song blesses me I cannot even begin to say how❤👍, I'll worship only at the feet of Jesus" ❤❤❤❤Makes me cry sm😢

  17. Thank you Bill for always gathering the greatest voices together. I fell inlove with the Gaither Vocal band as mother listened to them. She passed but I never tire listening and got my Brothers and Sisters hooked on too. God bless you.

  18. I will worship only at the Feet of JESUS. I Love you Jesus and you nail- pierced Feet. Beautifully sung by Gaither Vocal Band. Thanks for your Music Ministry
    Elizabeth Chellappa Jeyaraj

  19. Could there not have been a Jesus of Nazareth?

    The problem for this notion is that absolutely nothing at all corroborates the sacred biography and yet this 'greatest story' is peppered with numerous anachronisms, contradictions and absurdities. For example, at the time that Joseph and the pregnant Mary are said to have gone off to Bethlehem for a supposed Roman census, Galilee (unlike Judaea) was not a Roman province and therefore ma and pa would have had no reason to make the journey. Even if Galilee had been imperial territory, history knows of no ‘universal census’ ordered by Augustus (nor any other emperor) – and Roman taxes were based on property ownership not on a head count. Then again, we now know that Nazareth did not exist before the second century.

  20. This song has blessed my heart today.. Thank you Lord Jesus for your cross.
    I have shared this song with so many people today, I pray that it will bless someone’s heart like it did mine.
    We bless the Lord for this band, only the blood and the cross we will worship.

  21. I love the Gaithers. I always think of them as "my people" – brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you, Gaithers. You are awesome! You bless everyone so much.

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