FM TINES by Gospel Musicians – The Ultimate EP Library – Demo for the iPad

FM TINES by Gospel Musicians - The Ultimate EP Library - Demo for the iPad

hey hello everybody welcome to this ancestry today we are taking a look at the new app from gospel musicians FM Tynes it's huge it's a three point something gigabytes three point six gig gives you all Classic FM electric pianos in one package I think it's on sale at the moments as well so you get and when you download that it should automatically install II like the extra contents or things though right so you get loads of different we get seven different categories in each category there are various electric pianos you don't really need so me for to talk about this actually to be honest and I shall just a get on and play the thing and close the microphone out so play this for a few minutes I hope you enjoy the demo [Applause] okay so there you go yes pretty impressive eh mmm it's you know it's it's of the era it's what it's designed to do FM pianos so if you like synth Wave classic 80 stuff however it's not just for that obviously it's you play everything I play sounds like the eighties because that's that's maple depending on how you play it anyway I think it's on sale at the moment so I'll put a link in the description below FM x it's stunningly good it just I mean did you a the depth of the bass if you put some headphones on and listen to it just oh awesome stuff but I do like gospel musicians I love pure sin I will give you one quick tip if you go into settings I have my buffer set at maximum at 10:27 samples and I'm going not no problem they're playing it at that speed so and no audio crackles as you heard either this is an entry-level iPad 2018 9.7 so it's the basic it's the absolute basic model it's also with a up3 anyway guys I'm going see you later tada


  1. After I purchased Neo soul keys studio for the DX7 pianos… Now I see this. I got Korg module 80s piano add in also. I downloaded MK Sensation (Michael Kors) for the pianos, and again this sounds and is a much better app in my opinion. I’m just going to get this and just watch this November GM will release Tines II.

  2. Bought, sounds great

    To all the idiots who hit the dislike button, Doug does a great service by creating these videos and live streams and a.lot of us musicians out here learn a great deal from them. If you don’t like don’t watch but please don’t hit the dislike button. The soumdtest room is the best, most informative channel on here.

  3. Great survey of sounds. Thank you, Doug. On a technical note, the balance between your voice and the instrument was absolutely perfect. Sure wish they still had the affiliate program in effect.

  4. I honestly dont know what to do with memory hungry synth apps that just give me one type of sounds. Another example, Soul Keys.

  5. I saw your title and immediately went to apple store and purchased then came back to watch the video.✌🏾

  6. The bottom end nearly knocked me out of my chair! Did not expect such powerful bass from what I assumed was a collection of "suitcase" electric pianos. Of course, now I have to get it 😊✌️

  7. I buy all of their stuff knowing it will be top quality. I do wish they could figure out how to make the apps smaller (without dropping any sounds or features). But their apps are great!

  8. This is such a no-brainer, especially at the current sale price. I am loving these apps that GM have been cranking out. Great sound libraries and working great as AU. Only problem is the size, but it seems hard to get around that and they already made it more compact by leaving out a lot of sounds you would get with the desktop version (from what i understand). I can only install it on my larger iPad Pro since my older iPad lack the amount of storage for these apps. But i am very happy with it regardless 🥰🤩 btw, nice playing Doug 😎👍

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