Fastest Way To Get Faster: The Buddy Bruiser – Drum Lesson

Fastest Way To Get Faster: The Buddy Bruiser – Drum Lesson

(rock music) (hitting drumsticks) (playing drums) – Hey everyone, it’s
Jared here, back with you in the second lesson
in my Fastest Way To
Get Faster series. Now I call this lesson
the Buddy bruiser. I used to listen to
tapes of Buddy Rich back when I was
first learning drums, and he had such a brash
and aggressive personality, and then you listen to him
play, and the intensity and the stuff that he
was doing on the kit just matched his
personality, I would say. I call this the Buddy bruiser,
just because it sounds like something Buddy would play, but I can’t say it is
something that he played. Now I first heard of an
exercise similar to this from Thomas Lang. He went in between the
floor tom and the snare drum in groups of three,
starting on the floor tom. So then the snare would line
up with the left hand lead so you wouldn’t have to try
and get your right hand over if you’re leading
with your right hand. I’ll show you it nice and slow. (hitting drums) So you see, after the first
three strokes on the floor tom I’m able to move to
the snare drum easily because I’m leading
with my left hand. Now the way I built
out this exercise is I started on the floor
tom, go to the snare, go back to the floor tom,
and then go to the high tom. So let me play this for you
at 60 and 220 beats per minute to show you how it
sounds nice and slow, and also really fast. (hitting drumsticks) (playing drums)
(metronome beeping) (hitting drumsticks) (playing drums)
(metronome beeping) The next exercise is
simply a variation on that. We go from the floor
tom to the snare to the floor tom
then the mid tom. So practice this the same way
as you did the first exercise. Here it is both slow and fast. (hitting drumsticks) (playing drums)
(metronome beeping) (hitting drumsticks) (playing drums)
(metronome beeping) And finally, we’re gonna
put it all together. We’re gonna play both
exercises in sequence. So let’s start on the
floor tom, go to the snare, then the floor and the high
tom, floor tom and the snare, floor tom the mid tom. Here it is at 60 and
220 beats per minute. (hitting drumsticks) (playing drums)
(metronome beeping) (hitting drumsticks) (playing drums)
(metronome beeping) Now you can start this
anywhere between 60 and 80 beats per minute,
depending on where your comfort level is at. Because it’s triplets you
might want to start it a little bit faster
than the 60 BPM that I always seem to recommend. I’d recommend moving up in
five or 10 BPM increments. Practice each exercise
for 10 minutes, and then practice them in
sequence for 10 minutes. So it’s a total of 30 minutes
every time you sit down and practice this
type of exercise. You’re gonna notice that
you have way more freedom when moving around the drum set. You’re really gonna
get to know your setup, and you’re gonna
find the little areas where you maybe need to
make some adjustments, especially on those toms as
you move from the floor tom to the high tom. So there it is,
the second lesson in my Fastest Way
To Get Faster series Get to your kit, practice
this right now, go. Go. Now. (slow rock music)


  1. talented top class drummer..


    No need ME? My life? Totally already failI HAVE NO AIM in life is hell no dream I didn't know what to do so feeling suicidal suicide… don't know suicidal English. don't have a drum kit feelings suicidal suicide . nothing to think about future don't know anything

  2. Awesome little exercise to help me better articulate those runs that I always seem to slur! Nice and clear instructions that aren't too fast and not too slow where the video becomes banal and drags on. Will be sure to add this to the practice schedule! Thanks, Jared!

  3. Everyone is practicing those insane Hand / Foot combinations, while this is so much more important.. I am guilty of that too, btw. haha

  4. I love all the guys from drumeo 🥁 I have been a self taught drummer the past 20 years. Your videos really help.

  5. Nice lesson 😀
    After a few of these I found out, nearly everything sounds doped, if you're just going blazing fast with it^^

  6. I learned this from Dennis Chambers a decade or so ago and I can do it ultra fast easily. Don't forget you can also do this in 5s and 7s not just 3s.

  7. Jared you definitely has to listen a song of group Jezabels – Hurt me. It perfectly suit this lesson but for 44 🙂

  8. JARED,, Nice Way of Breaking down the triplets Thomas Lang Played On Drumeo and I saw Many Replies Saying he played it too fast and Yes they are inspired By Buddy and Sonny Payne,

  9. After this try the following.. Start on the Floor tom with just 2 strokes (left right), then continue on with 3 on each drum. This shift the 3 pattern along by 1 stroke. Feels and sounds different.

    Next start with a single stroke on the floor tom (right), then to the snare with 3 and 3 and so on. This one sounds very cool.

    As a final bit of fun with this, count 16th notes and play this. 3 across 4. Oh the fun that can be had 🙂

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