1. How many people love EXO. 👋👋👋 I'm a Blink but I also love listening to EXO music. I will always support them. love you guys fromVIETNAM❤🇻🇳🇻🇳

  2. Omg this reminds me of tender love and I am floating happy and I want just to play this every single damn day dbjsje this is why EXO are a treasure, they bring this joyful beats and voices back in this damn century

  3. Shout out to the writer of this song Charli Taft 🖤🗣️ She writes majority of SM's songs 👏👏 And again it's a bopppp

  4. Suho' s voice is so damn too much like a fallen angel. Anyway our Love for EXO is non stop until forever 🙆❤💋💕👍

  5. 0:20 Suho part gives me such a strong Jonghyun's vibe… like i suddenly hear Jjong's voice here… it shocked me like i can't unhear it..

    Somehow i think Jjong would love this song

  6. EXO's Nonstop is nice and amazing but ASTRO's Go and Stop is super super amazing and it's like addictive. Falling in love with ASTRO ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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