[ENGCC] ‘Apink’ Naeun, ‘I’m so sick of lying’ Composers ‘ Decision

[ENGCC] ‘Apink’ Naeun, ‘I’m so sick of lying’ Composers ‘ Decision

I’m so sick of lying, you gotta know that Maybe you practiced a lot when you were working on this. Tell me about the process. Part distribution? First part of English, like “It’s wrong number” It’s so old. teacher Can you show us? Na Eun? We haven’t heard it since we recorded it I have to be quiet a little bit, because “Black Eyed Pilseung(composer)” wanted it. a dry voice I’m so sick of lying, you gotta know that I’m so sick of lying, you gotta know that What do you mean? What does this word mean? I heard the “SECRET”. There’s no ‘SECRET’ I’m tired of your lies. “You should know that” I’m advising the man. The composers said,’Naeun can speak English, right?’ ‘You take this part.’ They decided from the beginning that I should do it. When Na Eun speaks, she has a good voice. It sounds like a narration. Really? Thank you. Naeun usually speaks in an easy-to-mouth voice rather than in a loud voice … I’m a bit soft. You said in your own words that you’re soft. I’m sorry. Did you practice a lot? No. I think I just did it at once.


  1. her english lines was a killer tbh and that "do you love me?" in the middle tho.. Thankyou BEP for adding Naeun's english :))

  2. I’ve always liked APINK’s songs, but ever since I’m so Sick promotions I’ve been getting so into the members/group in general 💕

  3. Wow, Naeun looks really different😲 (I mean, she has always been pretty, but still)
    Anyway, love all of her parts in the song❤️

  4. I love apink a lot but i just got back to kpop after kinda losing interest…. why does naeun look so different? And is that namjoo? She is a goddess but im quite confused, can someone update me?

  5. Beautiful Naeunah, 1:20 you're so quick to defend yourself that theres no secret hahaha…,😁😂 I knew it! i just thought that this song is meant for someone💕.

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