[ENG SUB] Idol reaction to BTS Daesang ‘Song of The Year’ MMA 2019

[ENG SUB] Idol reaction to BTS Daesang ‘Song of The Year’ MMA 2019

2019 Melon Music Awards. Imagine by KIA, best song… BTS! JK: First of all, I want to say thank you to our ARMY first. With the music that I like, to be able to give even the smallest amount of strength, or hope or happiness to others is really something that allows me to think I am truly a happy person. In the future, I want to be happy with you guys So I wish to make good music Sing song that has meaning and that gives you all the strength. I love you~ RM: Everyone, when we first made the title of this song, A Poem for Small Things But Jimin said… you know this Song is a song that we are giving to you (ARMY),
and it’s about your daily lives, the things you like, what kinds of things you eat, and
what things you treasure. But Jimin said that if we named it ‘A Poem
for the Little Things’, He worried about whether people would misunderstand it as us saying that your love is small. I remember that clearly. But.. Jimin-shi~ (laugh) Small things aren’t always bad, right? Until the day that those small things become not-so-small, we will charge forward, sing, and dance. Thank you. I love you! ~ TRANS: SPOTLIGHBTS @twitter


  1. at 3:10 namjoon said ‘Until the day small things aren’t small anymore, we will work hard' (trans for twitter) look at Heize and the other ppl's reaction 😭 when I say Namjoon is a damn poet

  2. This was such a weird and great sequence cause the last 3 deasang were announced after another without any commercial break between them so you just saw the boys walking up giving a speech accepting the award than as soon they returned to their seats and sat down they had to walk up the stage again to accept the next daesang

  3. Melon is really fair on giving SOTY, from Gee, CLGEIID, Good Day, Gangnam Style, Growl, Eyes Nose Lips, Bang Bang Bang, Cheer Up, Spring Day, Love Scenario, and now Boy With Luv. They based it in streamings and longevity that's why it is given to the rightful owner (unlike MAMA lol). I'm so happy with this neutrality. BWL, indeed, is the SOTY! Peaked #8 in Hot 100, stayed in Melon top #50 for 7 months. Most music show wins (21), first to achieve Perfect All Kill. No song achieve this like BWL. The Nation's Pride BTS!

  4. Nam Joon speech is always on point. What can i say more.. there is only one great kim nam joon in this planet 💜

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