Emily Bear (5) – The youngest professional pianist & composer of all time

Emily Bear (5)  – The youngest professional pianist & composer of all time

Emily Bear (age 5) compose this piece “Sunday Morning”when she was age 3 Nanotech foreign travel, Kansas Ashley snitch mayor Emanuel’s act a media Until these old ink see fever and he 200 set up the piano when she was 2 years old Then naturally began to play what she heard and Lewis who’s been playing since he was 4 says if she keeps this up There’s no telling what her future holds. She has the talent Now if you add to that the foundation who knows this guy’s a limit Emily Bear (age 5) compose this piece “Sunday Morning”when she was age 3. Rocford is home to a young lady with a lot of talent WT vo channel 17s Christine long introduces us to our very own five-year-old piano prodigy You’d never guess that the talented musician playing these Ebony’s and ivories is such a little lady meet Emily Baer She’s only five years old and can play 40 songs by heart She studies the greatest classical piano composers, but also loves to shake it up and Play some jazz so how does someone this small create such big music? And Of course the help of a special footstool flown in from China to help her reach the pedals Emily’s mom says when Emily was just 2 years old and still in diapers she sat down at the family’s piano and Simple as that the child prodigy began to play what she heard So then I would try and show her little phrases or little parts of music and she’d pick it up like in a second he Saw something right away. I mean she never sounded like a kid playing. I really think she believed in reincarnation and Now if you’d like to hear Emily perform live there’s a few opportunities coming up She’ll play a 40-minute solo set on Sunday July 1st at Ravinia in Highland Park just outside of Chicago It’s an outdoor venue loud for presenting world-class music it starts at noon and admission is free But if you’d like something closer to home she’s laying here in Rockford tomorrow at the Mendelssohn club at 11:00 a.m.. And 7:00 p.m.. A Five-year-old girl is making Rockford proud by playing the piano We first introduced you to the young prodigy last month now We go with Emily bearish she makes music history christine long has a story the lines formed early thousands of families flocked to the annual celebration of summer event at Ravinia festival to listen to live music Like the Chicago Youth, Symphony, Orchestra But all eyes were on Gordon Hall where a little lady from Rockford was set to make history This is my first time coming and I want I can see we drove all the way from Rockford to see Emily play when five year old Emily there took the stage and Began to play her 30 minutes solo set She joined the likes of Duke Ellington Janis Joplin Gershwin And yo-yo ma on Sunday July 1st Emily bear became the youngest artist to perform at Ravinia in its 100-year history When she was just two years old Emily first sat down at her family’s piano and began to play what she heard and by ear She’d naturally play pieces in perfect pitch Emily started taking formal lessons at the Music Institute of Chicago Less than a year ago where she caught the attention of the Ravinia festivals president I had been fortunate to see some prodigies play. Yes. I taught piano for many years myself No one of this caliber Emily performed nineteen pieces from memory at Ravinia Including some classics some jazz and a few she composed herself including one titled little angels Which she wrote only three days before and the audience which packed the hall was equally amazed and inspired Inspired me to play I thought she was in zoo station. She’s absolutely wonderful I can’t imagine which would be like a ten. She is just unbelievable just I’m lost for words. She’s just an awesome little girl. She’s my daughter’s friend We’re just so happy for her and so proud but proudest of all is mom. I’m really proud of her I mean she’s just a bouncing ball normally and would you put it on the stage? and she’s never piped in this kind of a situation before and a composure the focus and That she was able to let her heart Can you play with one hand so that you can give me your head yeah, of course you can it’s a pleasure meeting you This is good I sell it to you ten thousand bucks too much It is I I Listen to so many interviews of you I read so many interviews and it’s always the same Christian is is like how is it possible to stay a normal child? When you are actually a genius The are genius you can say that I think you can be proud of that it be honest. Are you tired of those questions? I Mean I mean they’re great questions, but in their little overuse yeah, I mean like everyone wants to know like How you start and like where it came from and huddled again? Not just like I got here today by doing nothing you started playing the piano when you were two years old This is incredible. I just want to show you a picture of me being two years old. This is Miss. Okay. That’s me. That’s really So some of the people who saw me in this age thought is it really a child Or is it an ugly fat doll please put it away, so and you were playing this age you were playing the piano It’s it’s it is amazing isn’t it yeah? I mean what you’re adorable by the way yes very much You’re professional you you know how to lie on television I Mean like I’ve never really like had a time where I don’t remember play music or having music in my life it’s just kind of always been there and I’m not really sure like the exact day. I just walked up to a piano and just started writing stuff I think it was at the age of six you played at Carnegie Hall It’s it’s a dream of every musician you play in the White House now. You’re on the white all by the way This is the White Hall, but I’m not the president of Stuttgart and you played in front of the u.s. President in the White House that is amazing. Do you sometimes think well my life is pretty crazy isn’t it? I mean, it’s crazy, but it’s really fun and I honestly couldn’t imagine without like my life without music and without traveling and Like all of the places that I’ve been I’m just like Like shaped me to the person I am today, and it’s just it’s just been a crazy ride when you take a look at the audience You’ve played in front of the egg audience a lot of people and there are some people Who have tears in their eyes they are touched emotionally by you and your music? What’s that feeling like to to not only reach the people’s minds also reach their hearts well I think that’s one of the most incredible things that like reason can do is like reach people’s emotions and That is probably one of the reasons why I’m still doing it now Because I love the way people like react when they listen to our music and I love the way that they Said I really feel when they listen to my music so yeah That’s one of the biggest things when did you realize first realize that you have that special gift? I? Honestly Don’t realize that I didn’t have any special gift because I feel that I’m just like Someone who enjoys playing music and enjoys like inspiring other people? Not to like I’m not playing music just so I can like make money and be famous great so can you play on that? Try it we can plan everything Anna it doesn’t matter how big it is It’s pretty in tune actually You want to have it want to keep it. I mean it’s a big $5,000 Okay


    Emily Got Her 8th Award On Saturday, May 5, 2018,
    2018 Order of Lincoln award
    Order of Lincoln, which is the state’s highest honor for professional achievement and public service.

    Emily Bear of Rockford, Illinois, at only 16-years of age, has achieved groundbreaking success as a pianist, composer and songwriter. A chart-topping recording artist, she enjoys arranging, orchestrating, and performing in a diverse collection of styles including jazz, classical, film music and pop. Having made her professional debut at the Ravinia Festival at 5 years old, she has since performed at many of the worlds’ most well-known venues including Carnegie Hall, the White House, Lincoln Center, Montreux Jazz Festival, and the Hollywood Bowl. Symphonies across the world have performed Emily's original compositions and she has helped raise millions for charities across the globe through performances and events.

    Pianist at age 2
    Composer at age 3
    Professional composer at age 4 with worldwide released and distributed sheet music
    Professional concert pianist at age 5
    3 Awards at age 6
    6 Albums and 15 Songbooks at age 11
    7 Prestigious Awards at age 15
    A EMMY Awards for a special about and with Emily Bear at age 11
    QUOTES ……..

    ( Zuill Bailey about Emily's sixth album 'Diversity' recorded at age 11)
    Zuill Bailey, Zull Bailey, classical cellist, Artistic Director of El Paso Pro Musica (Texas), Artistic Director of the Sitka Music Festival (Alaska) and Professor of Cello at University of Texas at El Paso:

    Emily Bear is obviously classically trained. But she’s not just an interpreter and performer. She writes her own music. Everything that you hear on that album came from her. She wrote everyone’s part. She directed us. One forgets within minutes that you’re listening to someone who is a child. : She is an absolutely exceptional… It’s literally… It makes one believe the myths and the grandeur of what Mozart would have been like had you met him. This person is so purely gifted that music simply pours out of her. It pours out with such joy and creativity and spontaneity that you just stand back in awe.
    It’s rather mind-boggling. This ability comes around so rarely. I believe the word prodigy is so so so overused for business tactics and salability.
    Emily Bear – Diversity featuring Zuill Bailey

    John Beall

    Truly impressed with the overall complexity of this new piece by Emily. I noted in particular the brilliant interaction between the rhythmic and melodic parts of "Les Voyages." I also enjoyed the very distinct and dramatic cadence at about 1:26 in this video.
    Regarding the orchestration – wow! I know at this age Mendelssohn was writing for string orchestras, using at most 5 instrument parts. Mozart usually wrote at age 13 for very small orchestras; oboe, (sometimes flute), bassoon, horn, tympani and strings. However orchestrating for a full modern orchestra (including piano and harp) is another thing altogether. Again I say, wow! Most deserving of another ASCAP award for young composers.

    2014 Disney Films

    Disney has approached her about composing film scores, Joe (Joseph) Illick added.
    And, unlike some accomplished young musicians, she doesn’t just play the notes correctly, but reaches down into the heart of a piece of music, he said. “She plays someone else’s music as if she were creating it,” Illick said.
    And she has been composing her own pieces for years. “The ideas she has are totally original,” he said. “Most of us compose by mimicking and altering (works that already exist), but she comes out with a new kind of idea that no one has had before.”
    Bear’s compositions often are a mixture of classical and jazz styles, he said,
    Quincy Jones
    Part of inteview Bilboard with Quincy Jones about Emily Bear.at age 9.

    Is another Quincy album coming?
    Quincy: Then there's Emily Bear; President Obama calls her "Baby Mozart." She's been writing for symphonies since she was 5 and also plays bossa nova and the blues. She sings "Celie's Blues" from "Color Purple," anything. When we first met her, her feet wouldn't even touch the floor. She just did a concert at Carnegie Hall with a choir and a symphony orchestra.
    She’s the most delightful human being I’ve ever met in my life. And her music is the same way. I am at once astounded and inspired by the enormous talent that Emily embodies. With the ability to seamlessly move from Classical to Jazz and Be-bop, she shows as much musical prowess as pianists/composers twice her age, and I am thrilled to be working with her. She’s astounding, man … she’s astounding. She plays like she’s 40 years old. She is the complete 360-degree package, and there are no limits to the musical heights she can reach.”
    – Quincy Jones

    John Burk, Chief Creative Officer, Concord Music Group
    Emily is extraordinarily gifted," says John Burk, Chief Creative Officer, Concord Music Group. "She obviously has incredibly advanced technical skills far beyond her years, but what I find most extraordinary, is her emotional and compositional depth."

    Latest News About Emily Bear. (ASCAP)
    February 04, 2016
    Emily won her 5th Award. This time the Award is for Jazz Composers under 30
    2016 Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award

    February 16 2017 (ASCAP)
    Emily won her 6th Award. This Award is also for Jazz Composers under 30
    2017 Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award

    April 26 2017 (RAMI)
    Emily won her 7th Award
    The Critic’s Choice Composition of the Year Award went to Emily Bear for her piece, “Into the Blue.”

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    16 year old piano virtuosity Emily Bear got a Standing Ovation by 14.000 people

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