Diddy Signs Da Band To The Bad Boy Family 🍾 Making The Band

(hip hop music)
♪ High Rollers ♪ ♪ Ha ha ha ha ha ha ♪ – Today’s the day, pens laid out, Cristal. ♪ High Rollers ♪ ♪ ha ha ha ha ha ha ♪ I’m like, this is it! – This is the big day. A lot of us that have had dreams of being music stars, have dreamed of the day that we could sign our contract. I’m proud to, you know, sign y’all to the Bad Boy Family. You ain’t signing your life away, but you are signing into a contract. But it’s like a marriage,
you know what I’m saying? Make sure you want to do this. Make sure you have read the fine print, because once you’re in, it
ain’t no way out, no (laughing). (everyone giggles) So, who wants to step up first? (chuckling) ♪ Bad bad bad bad boys ♪ – It’s the family I wanna be a part. This what I need in my life, this is what God brought me here for. (happy clapping)
– I’m feeling real good right now, real happy. I wanna cry, but (clicks tongue) I got a reputation to look out for. – All that hard work finally paid off. – Welcome to the family right here. (glasses clinking)
Bad Boys baby! (applauding)
– We signed now. We officially part of the label. – [Man] I think we have a band! – Congratulations! This whole situation is
definitely very risky for Bad Boy. Let’s get to work now. We’re kind of known for having
a certain level of quality. First time I saw them perform– ♪ Bad Boy ♪ ♪ I thought I told you that ♪ ♪ We won’t stop ♪ ♪ For
real I got chickens ♪ ♪ That’ll move that stick ♪ I was like, “Eh, it was okay.” (chilled music) You know, record a album in six weeks, it’s a lot of pressure on me. A lot of pressure on them
to make the best music that we can in this short amount of time. It won’t come out of Bad
Boy unless it’s on fire, and I’m not gonna stop ’til I get that. ♪ Uh uh ♪ ♪ My level went notch to better ♪ ♪ I can make a hit acapella ♪ ♪ You can’t knock the fella ♪ ♪ Fake (beep) cashed out on Syndex ♪ ♪ Call nine one index ♪ ♪
These (beep) is jive man ♪ ♪ Yo bitches like me ♪ ♪ We move (beep) over ♪ ♪ Hop out the back of the Rover ♪ ♪ And tear down posters ♪
– Look. ♪ Female but I keep ♪ ♪ The (beep) in my purse ♪
♪ For the race in my scope ♪ ♪ When it bangs it hurts ♪
– Brooklyn! ♪ Yo in a Benz with wings
you fly through the city ♪ ♪ No this (beep) didn’t
just lying to me, did he ♪ ♪ That’s a lot when its hot its sticky ♪ ♪ Pull (beep) cats that
can hide some, Diddy ♪ – Got your swagger back!
♪ See if you right on point ♪ ♪ vibe with me ♪ ♪ Like up in the cemetery
same side when he get ♪ ♪ Tossed off a cliff ink blot with it ♪ – That’s the captain I know. That’s the captain that I know. ♪ Is he Neutron back in the zoocan ♪ ♪ Passing the Grey Poupon
hop out the Yukon ♪ – Say what! Hold on, hold it right there! See I like this right here. All this not being extra, all that extra over the top. I like this right here, y’all letting everybody– It’s like art. It’s poetry in motion y’all just every– It’s organic. Give yourself a round of applause. (everyone clapping) – Watch out, watch out, watch out Charlie. We got a lotta stuff under this couch. I don’t think the group understands the level of responsibility I have. – That’s mine bro, you gonna
throw it on the ground? – It was already on the
ground, you want it? Puffy elected me to be the Captain because I show leadership qualities. – Ness, he’s a beast. – Ness, leader-wise– (record scratching) – Keep your dirt down, just
be looking at me doing shit. Chop I never seen you with a broom. – He most definitely think he can just talk to me anyway, man. – I just was cleaning up bro. I got– – [Ness] Nevermind man, nevermind, dog. – All right, then nevermind then. – Ness don’t get along with everybody. I mean he do, but not to the point where they’ll listen to him. – You stop playing with me, yo. – I’m not playing with you.
– I hope you ain’t playin’. I Hope you aint playing with me. – [Ness] Garbage. – I’m garbage, why I’m here? – Throwback, you was originally here. – Huh?
– Throwback. – I’m a throwback.
– Yeah you the throwback, laugh at that.
– Laugh at what? – [Ness] With your corny ass rhymes. – You think I’m corny? – [Ness] Yeah, your skill is whack! Step your game up, you’ll
never be a better rapper– – ‘Cause if somebody heard
– That’s why you got picked last and I got picked first! (laughs) You just over
there laughing and now– (mumbles) – You push my buttons?
– You’re on some gangsta. (beep) – Be a man, let it go Chopper, you win. – [Chopper] You ain’t no bigger man, I’m getting tired of your (beep)! – I’m not just gonna act
a fool in front of me. – [DMX] Talk is cheap! – No no no no no. (mumbling) – Go on and swing. You gonna (beep) me up? Let’s go outside. – Bitch! – I’m a bitch!
– C’mon. – Pass that (beep). I’ma show you where it’s at. – Off the top, I don’t know who you think
you’re (beep) with, yo. You ain’t (beep). (yelling) – I can do all that bull (beep). (yelling) – You a bitch!
– Right here. (yelling) – [Dylan] Think about the check man. (beep)
– [Man] Sometimes you gotta be the bigger man.
– The check man. – Watch the word.
– Don’t break it up. – Just when I think Chopper is maturing and growing, he goes backwards. You got to remember he’s young, the cat is only like 18 years old and he’s acting like he’s 14. That’s the problem. I know it’s gonna take
a lot of work with him, I’m tryna be as patient as possible. – I hate when (beep) be
sitting there laughing. I’m tryna keep it together, so we stay out of having shit to do. You’nah mean? – It’s hard to say if we as a group, support Ness as a leader. I really don’t know. – I don’t even know how (beep) started, I was outside, but that was crazy. – Now what I should have did, I should’ve been a
bigger man, ya heard me? And just shut up. – That’s how it is, bae bae.
– You know I’m saying, that’s how I see it. (hip hop music) – I wanted to talk about your concerns. I’m seeing that there’s a lot of attitude clashes that go on. But if y’all don’t start
getting along with each other, that’s gonna be the beginning
of the end of your success. This is for real. This is your chance. The competition is over, you all are no longer in a
competition with each other. That was cool for the first
season, that was great, but that (beep) is over. If you don’t come together
and make something hot, you are going home. You have got to make this thing work. – I feel like all us have to develop a relationship with each other. Personally like I mean, and that way that, the relationship will
build around the group. Like that’s how I do. I got a personal relationship
with him him him him him, so if all of us do go out, I’m
able to vibe with everybody. – This dude right here is stepping up like the captain of the team. He is expressing to you, something that the whole team needs. Whether you like him or dislike him, you need to start paying
attention to what he’s saying. ‘Cause this guy got what
it takes to lead the team. – Everybody got they own
way they want to run. Me I’m just a, I’m a team player. When we said be the (beep), I’m ’bout to make sure I’m the (beep) before I make sure
everybody else the (beep). – And the Captain.
– You feel what I’m saying? And the Captain. – Team Player, the (beep) and a Captain. – I got three hats, these
(beep) only got one hat. I’m gonna be me at the end of the day. You can kick me out,
right, ending of the day. I’m gonna go back to the hood, and be the same, still trying
to get put on, you feel me? If I keep stressing myself out and tryna live up to
people’s expectations, I’ma be (beep) up. I might jump out one of these windows, before this season’s over. You feel me? (police sirens)

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