1. I'm listening him for the first time, his voice is so good .
    I'm really inside Kpop hole nowadays!!
    Thanks Zaty for uploading different kpop songs .

  2. Just watched the mv with eng cc, and the translations are different and simplified.

    The one that intrigued me is the play of word for "사는/살 수있는 건가요 or saneun/salsu itneun geongayo" the word "사 or sa" could mean 사다/sada : "buy" or from the word 살아/sara : "live". It could mean "How can I live" or "How can I buy" at the same time.

    So the lyrics here and from the mv are both right with different take and both actually make sense if connected with the rest of the lyrics.

  3. 돈 (don) = money
    던 (deon) = dawn ~his artist name
    ~there's only a slight difference but they're basically pronounced the exact same way
    I might be wrong but I feel like there's a double meaning
    also he's calling money a living person/friend by adding "ah(아)" to the end of the word
    (people who are close friends can add ah/아 to the end of the other person's name)
    so 돈아 난 네가 밉다 = money/dawn-ah I hate you

  4. Evey time kpop idols say bichi I always think they're saying b** 😂😂😂😂😂 but I love the song I miss the power couple so much

  5. The lyrics of this song are very real and make you feel very different.💕 Dawn's voice is very different and beautiful.🥺 It's a big mistake his old company lost him. 😑

  6. Thank you pinkychips! I felt like the translation on the original MV was a bit lacking in terms of pinpointing the subject of the song which, of course, is money.

  7. Dawn was truly my favorite artist in pentagon, the fact that he kept pursuing his dream even after getting kicked from cube, and released this masterpiece is amazing!!! 🖤🖤🖤

  8. I really missed Hyojong's voice so much. I mean I kept listening to Pentagon and Triple H the entire time but it feels different now. And oh god, I missed his stage presence! I'm so glad that he feels that he's starting over!
    I'm still sad, and I'm still getting over Tentastic Pentagon but I am so damn Happy for Dawn!

  9. 코드진행은 우울한 사람들에게 위로해주고 힘을 줄 수 있을 정도로 편안하고 좋은데….. 솔직히 '돈' 단어 안 들리고 그냥 들으면 일반적인 사랑노래 이별노래 같음… 너무 별로다…..돈아돈아돈아 ……진짜 별로야….. 내가 좋아하는 코드 진행을 수준 낮은 가사로 망쳤어….. 돈으로 행복을 살 수 없으면 어떻게 사냐니 ……

  10. psst. replace money with cube. "he who's shining" edawns last song with pentagon was shine. "I dont need you" this from what i know is his first comeback since getting kicked from cube.

    just saying its possible.
    oh and he does some of his piano movements in the choreo. double meaning maybe?

  11. it’s really interesting how dawn juxtaposes naivety and adult life —

    he says “i want to ask, but my parents are asleep,” as though he’s still a child and need guidance. it’s that sort of child-like innocence and naivety about the world that dawn uses throughout the song while simultaneously exposing the capitalistic greed that he even finds himself indulging in.

    money is something we associate with adult life; our parents make money so that we can sustain a certain quality of living. as children, we cannot go out into the world and make money. and now that dawn has grown up to fit in the position where he has to make money, he realizes the backwardness of the banal platitudes he’d grown up. the banal platitude of “buying” happiness.

    he says “if we can’t buy happiness with money, how do we buy it? can it be bought?” again, he brings back the childlike naivety of questioning everything. he questions the reality of finding happiness, especially when he’s in a world with people who are driven by money, in their own search for a form of “happiness.”

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