Dance Moms Season 8 – Episode 8 Preview (A Team on Trial)

Dance Moms Season 8 - Episode 8 Preview (A Team on Trial)

is because we not everybody talks to each other and there's clicks like I said starting last week when Eliana came in you and Ellie just have a click and a Leon has only been here for a few days and nobody's gotten to know her that well because whenever we're not in the studio G is always hanging around with her and that's not good for the team but you kind of just took Ellie and now it kind of separates you and Ellie on you wanna be my best friend again and that's not your friend to me I'm gonna be completely honest well it's not when you throw me under the bus backstage and your mom attacks me two weeks in a row my mom's trying to protect me and your mom blaming her mistake that I didn't I see both sides cuz I get it like Presley feels like Gia's not hanging out with her as much but I also feel like Gia's just trying to make Eliana feel included in the group I just can I can i interject the problem is the past two weeks we haven't brought home a win because we've had small errors with timing so in order for the routine to work the girls have to get along and the that's what I wanted to say hello hi where's your daughter she is not here again Abby has rehearsals at the ALDC every day and the kids are home-schooled to accommodate the rehearsal times but Eliana does not have enough school hours so she is not even allowed to practice with the team she gets all this special treatment and doesn't fare for the kids you were supposed to get everything in order and be here this week dancing full-out in rehearsal like everybody else she just can't dance during school hours just figure this woman think I'm on crack she is Lily I have already cast Eliana in the routines for this week and I'm willing to go out on a limb and let Eliana learn the dances on her own but I'm not gonna keep bowing down to this kid in her mother she needs to get her act together all right on to the pyramid at the bottom of the pyramid she and Nina Giannina you were in the timing I asked them backstage ice to clarify the counts I counted out the counts and they said yes go to the other side so I don't know if it was a miscommunication or if they wanted me not to do it right I'm sorry that they might have costed the win but I don't know well to me it looks like this team is falling apart you to mess up well good glad to hear that I don't think any of your kids are that smart to figure that out on how we can screw everybody up and make her she thought about it true she does need to get blamed every week from these moms that blamed if she nationally not gonna have a nobody from North Jersey telling me I'm a nobody check yourself Joann is why you're not winning as a team and you're not dancing together as a team next we have liliana Lily brilliant performance one week not so brilliant the next next Presley you did well you did what you were given but I want you to take what you're giving to the next level and on the second round you have been consistent you don't draw attention in a negative light but I need to see you draw more attention in a positive light next we have teller I expected no less than a victory at the rock Oh give it to her this week we are going to Canton Ohio attending drop the beat Annina you're performing a duet with Eliana you will be portraying the character of Judge Judy you will be judged Eliana will resume her role as the strangler I can't believe right after the girls get on my case about being friends with Eliana I get assigned to do it with her and it's another character piece all of my solos caused drama with Abby so I really need our duet to go well so I can prove to Abby that I can do a character piece but Eliana I can't even rehearse with me at the studio so I'm not sure how this is gonna go the group dance is called Blue Bloods we're privileged to be here at the Abby Lee dance company and sometimes I think when working with you that you think this is the epitome this is it I made it I don't have to work hard anymore I don't understand two losses in a row are we really going to give Brady that much credit or Savannah because that's what it looks like now we have another kid who is here today she has a solo this week and she is not in the group routine our guest dancer will swing Eliana in the group dance she was standing her spot she will block her spacing well Abby that's great and everything but you're gonna be taking a time away from your team of standing right here I'm not really quite sure how that makes sense I don't know how it's any of your business your kids not even here to learn for me I think this is a horrible week to bring in another person we've come off of two weeks not winning Brady's got here and Savannah's not here we need all of Abby's focus on the group dance and our kids and now she's brought in someone else to do a solo and distract her if your credit card debt is out of control if you're in I think our guest is here hello how you doing I'm Cameron I'm 7 years old and I'm gonna be like misty Copeland when I grow up Cameron is young but she knows how to demand your attention there's been plenty of people who have amazing technique but they're going to watch onstage Cameron is a star and Abby can take her to the next level it's good to see you on the face of the earth no cherry right you and your mom's met them at the final audition you are going to be doing a solo this week and you are going to swing a Liana in the group dance it's gonna be tough save your tears for the pillow I think we got this all right let's do it I'm gonna get to work with these guys All Right girls listen this is called bluebloods your aristocratic right because you believe like throughout the routine it turns dark and the blood actually gets on your arms and gets on your legs it gets on your face so it's like all this blue blood has tainted you start over here in this corner let's see three four five six seven eight one two three four five six being on this team is a privilege and what do they do lose two weeks in a row they need to sort out their differences and dance as one I'm thinking about adding a mini to this team so Cameron's here for one week and I'm gonna see if she's the mini that fits that bill could she make it here at the ALDC maybe with my expertise welcome to the show thank you how's everything going I wanted to know about pyramid because I didn't get to see it my daughter was accused of purposely telling a teammate the wrong counts so that she would mess up and get in trouble she didn't accuse her she said she thought maybe that's what she said so convoluted that she felt how about that no really then why didn't she say it then she said it now after mommy told her I didn't tell her my 13 year old would never have thought that and she even like chilli had an inkling of that in her head maybe because she's worked professionally does she knows how to try to step on her and hold her down that seems to be your mo you're not a team player you just don't have the ability to see anything anything


  1. I think by adding camryn to the team, Abby is trying to make her the next Mackenzie or Asia and honestly the Maddie in my opinion is Ellianna bc if it were Gianina going to school instead of rehearsals, Abby would most likely kick her off the team tbh and Gianina needs to go bc (in Abby’s words) she is ruining her reputation before it even starts!

  2. Joanne and Gia would honestly rather believe that the girls conspired to make Gia screw up the dance rather than admit she made a mistake? CRACKHEADS

  3. Gianna or whatever her weird name is is a little psycho. And her weird big nosed mom is making her into the psycho that she is

  4. I’m like gianina. Always getting blamed for things, and if I was her I would say the same and say what paisley said. And the other moms are saying that it’s wrong, gianina could have said it differently but she said what needed to be said that she was feeling blamed and she said she was off in the dance and then the moms came down on her but for example for Lili she didn’t get blamed for the dances the she messed up on. It’s the moms who ruin friendships

  5. Oooooo. GiaNina reminds me of a classmate of mine who makes me feel like we're close one day then disappeared one day and won't even talk to me as if I don't exist but when the more popular people is absent, she would suddenly appear to me and wanna be friends again as if nothing was wrong or something.

    There are people like that.

  6. i didn't mind gianina but she just got worse and worse ever since she said that miss abbys opinion doesn't matter. I never liked Joanne though

  7. how awful, pressely was trying to work things out and talk it out but gianina came at her and accused her and the rest of the team for something horrible. i hope gia changes her ways

  8. Abby didnt like hiw small kenzie was in the og team but now she wants a 6 year old to dance with like 11/12 year olds??

  9. this team will never mesh together with joanna and gianina constantly playing victim or acting like theyre too good for everyone else. bring brady back and get rid of gia.

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