Oh hey! I am so glad that you’re here. We actually have something that we need to talk about. Or maybe you should just listen. We’re the same We just want to belong So let me explain in the form of a song What you’re ’bout to find out Got news to share So sit yourself down Get yourself prepared And If this is hard to hear Then you should hit replay Cause I can guarantee it’s harder for them to say Whoever sent you this Told me to say hello Give you a hug and kiss And also wanted you to know They’re gay And today is the day That you’re finding out Because they’re happy this way OH GAY Gay because There’s no reason, love’s always in season And love is love OOOOHHHH, love is love We’re all the same, we just want to belong So if you are ashamed of them then move along Cause the world is changing For the better, you’ll see So embrace the grace Of sexuality ’cause Everyone has a view But there is not a cure Don’t say they’re confused ’cause I’m gay myself and I’m very sure If you were sent this song By someone you care about Then you should clap along ’cause it’s their way of coming out They’re gay And today is the day That you finding out Because they’re happy this way OH GAY Gay because There’s no reason, love’s always in season And love is love OOOOHHHH, LOVE IS LOVE They could’ve robbed a bank Or stolen a car But all they’ve done Is love who they are And they want you to love them back How could you mad at that They’re allowed to be proud So let them sing it aloud They’re gay And today is the day That you’re finding out Because they’re happy this way OH GAY Gay because There’s no reason, love always in season And love is love OOOOHHHH, LOVE IS LOVE Life is better when you just remember That love is love That was fun! That was fun. But seriously though, they’re gay. Whoever sent you this, they’re gay. That’s exciting! But, you should actually talk about this. Go in there, give them like a big bear hug. Be like “I love you!! You’re the best! And you’re gay!” It’s good, you… Yes! You have a amazing day, alright? And… Shoot! Gay! Am I right? I don’t know. Alright, I’m gonna go. Bye, goodbye! Oh gay (puns haha)


  1. I sent this to my mom and it went really well and my whole family’s being super kind

  2. Wish I could send this to my parents but I already know their opinions on it. 🙁 at least I have my girlfriend.

  3. I’m lesbian!!✨☺️🏳️‍🌈 When I move onto my next grade I’m sending my mom this..she doesn’t accept gay people but I’m happy this way!!🏳️‍🌈✨💕😂

  4. i've been questioning my sexuality for a couple years since i fell in love with a girl and i think it's time for me to just say it

    i'm gay! i like girls!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  5. Okay so this is adorable. Maybe one day i will be able to tell my family im gay. But i think i will tell them when ive got a place of my own so they cant kick me out 😂😬

  6. I started playing this song with my sister in my room.
    Me: dude you need to hear this.
    Her: after hearing first half shut it.
    Her: we have bigger speakers downstairs

  7. Hi everyone loved this song and thought I might just say that if I get more than 20 likes then I'll send this to my whole family and my now boyfriend 🏳️‍🌈😬

  8. so…. I have come out to my dad… 150 likes and i'll come out to my mom about being pansexual and if I get 250 likes i'll come out to both my parents about being genderfluid

  9. "if this is hard to hear, then you should hit replay, 'cause I can guarantee it's harder for them to say"


  10. Thinking about sending this to one of my possible lgbtq+ friends (I don’t know but I really think she is) it might seem cheesy though… any suggestions?

  11. I really really want to share this with my friends because this is an awesome song but I'm afraid they'll misundertand and think I'm Lesbian. They already have their doubts and voice them a lot and if I send this video it'll be like the last nail in my coffin 😂😂😂. But I really wanna share this with them. But I'm not gay … I think.

  12. My mom and dad told me I don't know my sexuality….Yet…. But I like anime boys but I like girls in real life 😂 I'm mostly attracted to girls

  13. 2k likes and I’ll sing this at my Christian Talent Show!!!! Or maybe 3k because I would definitely get kicked out or suspended 😂😂😂

  14. Im lesbian, and
    Im gonna send this to my mom if i get 100 likes? Too much?…Well..Im scared….Ill update it, i promise.

  15. Tip for people who are scared of being kicked out for being lgbtq+
    : contact PFLAG and you'll be able to go with a family or someone who supports lgbtq+ and you'll be able to finish your education and soon you can get a lawyer and work on getting emancipated.
    Hope this helped 🙂

  16. I’m bi but my parents say they’d be okay if I where gay but they make fun of bisexuals sometimes saying they don’t get it and they should just pick one side so I’m afraid to say something

  17. Hey guys. I’m only 11 and lesbian. And I wanna come out to my parents because I’m pretty confident. But I’m just afraid they will think that I’m too young to know that stuff. Please help and give me advice.

  18. Do checking out other girls make you bi or lesbian? Bc I’m really confused! I’m straight ! And I was checking out this girl from head to toe and had this pretty body, pretty face but ugly personally! 🙄 and one of her friends caught me and now everyone in my class thinks I’m bi! When really I’m in a relationship with a amazing guy!❤️ but I always have this thing were I check out girls probably from jealousy Bc I don’t have there pretty face ! And there pretty body! But I’m grateful that my boyfriend loves me for me! But I would love to have this a better body!

  19. My birthday is in November. 15 likes and I’ll play it at my party. (There will be like 5 people and yh most of them know I’m Bi/ I think I’m lesbian so yeah I’ll come out fully!) Okay cool BAI

  20. If I get 100 likes I will send this to my mom when i am 13…. but I’m 11 right know….. idk but I will send it some time in my life if I get 100 likes

  21. I'm not gay, i just love Ally.
    I'm a straight man that really likes lesbians and bisexuals, the second one being less of a problem.

  22. I came out to my mom but she just yelled at me and said it's a sin and it's just a phase 😒 bruh I've liked girls since I was in 6th grade, I'm in 10th, it's not a phase, I know who I love

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