Classical Musicians React: F(x) ‘4Walls’

Classical Musicians React: F(x) ‘4Walls’

DAVIS: F(x) or Philip Glass, who knows? PEYTON: Yeah, I was like (vocalizing).
DAVIS: Minimalism. ♪ (epic classical intro) ♪ UMU: Over to the next song.
LINDSEY: Walls. UMU: Yeah, 4 Walls.
LINDSEY: 4 Walls. UMU: By?
LINDSEY: It doesn’t say. FIONA: Character, character,
character, character, underscore. UMU: Oh. This is by F(x). LINDSEY: OHH! I commented
and a lot of people liked my tweet. UMU: Yes. Yayy! Okay. So F(x) is a girl group
that is under the same company as Red Velvet, EXO, Shinee,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. HENRY: Ooh.
UMU: And we reacted two songs by them already and Amber
as a solo artist. So they used to have five members,
but before this comeback, their fifth member quit in order
to concentrate more on her acting career. HENRY: Oh, whoa! Good for her.
UMU: So now there’s– This is their first comeback
without her and as four members. And then this is also
their last comeback ever. Like, it’s been two years
since they’ve released a song, and we’re like, “What the fuck?!”
FIONA: I’m… angry! Come back!
LINDSEY: Excuse me, F(x), can you please come back?
FIONA: Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s us. We want you–
UMU: It’s not them. Say SM. Say, “Hey, SM.” LINDSEY: Hey, SM.
FIONA: You suck. LINDSEY: Get them
back on here, please! We want new content! FIONA: SM equals su– stupid minions. (Umu laughs)
LINDSEY: Go ahead. FIONA: Five, four, three, two, one. KEVIN: I mean…
Solid F(x) start. NAOKI: Dude, the glockenspiel, though.
STEPHEN: It’s different. NAOKI: Oh, I was expecting
more of a drop-off from there. STEPHEN: Yeah, I really like
the off-beat stuff that she’s got in the vocal line.
NAOKI: Yeah. GWEN: I like this. Very little
melodic instrument, only a beat, voice. RACHEL: Yeah.
GWEN: Like all of the instruments are atmospheric right now except for the beat.
RACHEL: They’re about to show up. Oh, but not too bad. DAVIS: F(x) or Philip Glass, who knows? PEYTON: Yeah, I was like (vocalizing).
DAVIS: Minimalism. STEPHEN: Nice. Dotted
with the quarter note like hemiola thing.
NAOKI: Mm-hmm. STEPHEN: That’s super common
in American pop music. NAOKI: Yeah. DAVIS: Ohh.
PEYTON: Oh yeah, baby. DAVIS: That’s not really
where I expected it to go with the beat.
PEYTON: Yeah. DAVIS: Like, once it dropped,
it actually stayed chill somehow. I was like, “A chill drop, okay.” KATIE: But it’s really smooth.
It wasn’t like a break. It just kind of flowed into the downbeat.
JAROD: Mm-hmm. LINDSEY: This is very much
like American house music. FIONA: I feel like I just
walked into, like… LINDSEY: House party, house music.
UMU: Forever 21? FIONA: Yeah, I walked into Forever 21 and this is playing.
LINDSEY: OH, it’s Amber!! FIONA: Oh! Ow. HENRY: I like the way
that it’s being filmed. Can’t say I like the music much. LINDSEY: Amber’s hot.
FIONA: I like this part. LINDSEY: I’m still straight, though. …Sorry. FIONA: ♪ OOOH AHHHH ♪ I like that.
LINDSEY: Yeah, that was pretty cool. FIONA: That was nice.
LINDSEY: ♪ Wahhh ♪ That was a non-harmonic tone.
FIONA: ♪ Ahh ♪ Wow, modal mixture! That just went… to minor.
LINDSEY: Am I right? What the?! FIONA: Stop that!
LINDSEY: She stepped on broken glass and her foot was bleeding. KEVIN: What?
YUNYI: So the chorus, “Love is 4 walls”… what does it mean?
Love is a dead end? KEVIN: Maybe. Love is a… UMU: Box that you’re trapped in.
KEVIN: …room. YUNYI: I guess everything
is a dead end eventually. KEVIN: Yeah. Oh gee. (chuckles) GWEN: I like that drop out
of the instruments, though. That’s cool.
RACHEL: Yeah, there aren’t many. It’s very… What do you call that?
GWEN: It’s very… Yeah. RACHEL: Like bass drums. GWEN: Horse.
RACHEL: Hi! I love horses. HENRY: Okay. The interesting thing
about this to me so far is actually the opposite
of what I thought it was gonna be. This is not interesting because
of the way that the beat works. This is interesting
because of the melody. Usually the melodic content
is kind of threadbare, ’cause it’s pop music, you know? YUNYI: There’s a lot happening
in this song, but it’s all super subtle… KEVIN: Yup.
YUNYI: …and in the background, which is really nice.
KEVIN: Yup. NAOKI: I’m liking the harmonies
in the vocal line. STEPHEN: No, definitely.
NAOKI: That with the vibe is just like…
STEPHEN: Yeah. NAOKI: It’s good.
STEPHEN: Chorus is really, really– like, nice and catchy.
NAOKI: Yeah. STEPHEN: I also like the effects
that they’re using at the beginning or just…
NAOKI: Yeah. STEPHEN: …what they’re
doing in the vocal line. GWEN: Yeah, it’s one of those songs
that enough is happening in the back that I almost–
♪ (awesome high note) ♪ RACHEL: ♪ (squeaky, playful high note) ♪ GWEN: That was good, though.
RACHEL: Yeah. GWEN: That was float-y and… (speechless)
RACHEL: That was really good. It sounds great. KATIE: It’s really groovy.
I could see a saxophone… JAROD: (gasps) Hey, she caught it! 4 Walls. That was cool. That was very…
That was like an experience, you know? KATIE: It was just like…
Nothing really like– I don’t know if I would say
surprises is the right word. It was just very–
UMU: Jumped out? KATIE: Yeah, nothing jumped out.
It was very flowing. JAROD: But at the same time,
I really liked it, though, because of that.
KATIE: Yeah, no, no. It was great! I really liked that the drop
wasn’t in your face, like (imitates explosion). It was just…
It just flowed right into it. JAROD: It was super subtle,
and I’m– that’s [inaudible] in itself. KATIE: Sometimes that’s better.
Less is more. We’ve said this before. (softly) ♪ I’m rhyming all the time. ♪
JAROD: But it’s like, at the same time, this wasn’t necessarily less.
It was just different. I felt like this was
a caress of the cheek. You know, just like nice and smooth.
you know, starting from the top of the ear to lower ear and then to the jaw
and then slightly faded off your chin. You know what I’m saying?
That’s what this song was for me. UMU: Yeah, so what’d you think
of that song overall musically? DAVIS: Overall, yeah. Chill. It was good. PEYTON: Yeah.
DAVIS: Yeah. Chill. That’s how I feel about it. GWEN: It was going for a vibe,
and it stuck with that vibe. RACHEL: Yeah. It was very vibe-y.
GWEN: Successfully, but… RACHEL: Not my fave.
It sounds like a track. You know?
GWEN: Yeah. RACHEL: I don’t even know
why that makes sense, but it makes sense in my head.
GWEN: No, it feels like it makes sense to me too.
RACHEL: Yeah. GWEN: In my heart of hearts,
track feels different than song. RACHEL: Than song, yeah. FIONA: So this song, it’s just
such a feel good song in a different sense that it literally makes you feel
kind of good about yourself. You’re just like, yeah,
I’m doing the thing and it’s cool. Like, great music going on,
and you’re like, I’m in the shopping mall and I’m buying these clothes
and I look so good and I feel so good. It’s complementing the experience.
It’s just a really feel good song. Not as in like, (in high pitch)
“Oh yeah, we’re so happy!” But it’s just like, “Mm. I’m cool.” STEPHEN: I thought it was great.
I mean, I really loved how in the beginning, for example,
when she first came in with the vocal line that was all– yeah, highly syncopated,
all in the off beats. Just that juxtaposition to where
if there’s syncopation in the groove, then the vocal line’s simple,
but if there’s syncopation in the vocal line,
the groove is more simple. I really like that back and forth thing. NAOKI: This was completely different to anything that I’ve reacted to.
And I think it worked really well in that aspect. It was really nice
and chill, but it still had that grooving kind of aspect,
that vibe, which was pretty chill. STEPHEN: Yeah, totally made you
wanna dance, which is great. EMIEL: That was really good.
They should definitely come back. (Umu and Emiel laugh)
EMIEL: I really like the whole thing. It was exactly– it’s just
a completely personal thing for me, but I really enjoyed that vibe
of not in your face, like, (aggressive) “Mm, here’s kpop!”
It’s like, (relaxed) “Hey, here’s kpop.” (Umu and Emiel laugh)
HENRY: It could’ve been in English, and I still would’ve gotten the same vibe.
EMIEL: Yeah. HENRY: The language barrier–
and this is just a side effect of having listened to so much kpop
that now listening to someone speaking Korean literally just–
even though I don’t understand a word they’re saying,
it just sounds natural. UMU: Anyways, yeah. So you
started off not liking it. So now what do you think
about that song overall musically? HENRY: I think the video
helped bring it into perspective. Also, the ♪ Love is 4 walls ♪
didn’t come in till a little bit later. Sorry, I’m a terrible singer.
That weird, like– the way that that moved
and paired with the visuals, the way that the video screen
got wider– I mean, it suddenly– It’s sort of like when
you’re listening to a song and the bass hasn’t come in yet,
and it feels kind of high, and kind of like in this small headspace
and then the bass comes in and it just fills it out.
That’s what it felt like, like the part that it needed
just got filled out. UMU: How do you feel the music represented
the visuals in the music video? HENRY: It was cool the way
the two were paired. Usually, it’s very literal.
And this is literal, but it just definitely focused
a lot more on the artistry. NAOKI: What happened in the video
was a bunch of flatmates living together, but then they dropped a cup
at the first line, but then they caught it at the end.
STEPHEN: So I totally did– I was focusing more on the music.
Maybe it was the Oreos getting to me. Yeah, I did not understand a whole lot
of what was going on. (laughs) UMU: Okay.
NAOKI: It just seemed like a house.
STEPHEN: Just to be honest. NAOKI: And things
happening inside a house, and then people getting changed?
Yeah, so… STEPHEN: And then there
was a horse, I think. NAOKI: Oh yeah! She gets a horse!
STEPHEN: There was a horse! NAOKI: Yeah.
(both laughing) NAOKI: Yeah, there was a horse.
STEPHEN: And people were frozen in time, like, outside.
NAOKI: Were they? Oh. STEPHEN: Yeah, in a forest.
NAOKI: Oh, well… I don’t know how that
relates to the music. JAROD: I mean, the visuals were
definitely kind of dream state kind of thing, you know?
With the time– like, their time stopped, they’re frozen.
KATIE: That’s true. JAROD: So you just kind of feel,
like, in the ether. KATIE: And I thought that the music
did portray that really well, because it was very–
not quite ethereal, but it was just really laid back,
and relaxed. Like I said, nothing really jumped out at you.
I felt like I was in space, moving very slowly.
And that’s kind of what was going on in the video, too.
Not space, but time stopping. GWEN: Well, because we were talking
about the vibe of the song was not, like… RACHEL: I would’ve
expected them to be a studio. GWEN: My understanding of the music video was probably more nervous than most…
RACHEL: ♪ I’m so itchy ♪ FIONA: …because I’m an anxious person,
and breaking glass is one of the things that freaks me out.
RACHEL: But the song also wasn’t anxious or angsty.
GWEN: Yeah, yeah. It wasn’t– they felt like–
the video was almost finding yourself in a bad situation
and getting stuck there with all the freezing stuff
and the general vibe. And then the song was more chill.
RACHEL: I don’t know what I would’ve come up with conceptually for a video
listening to that song either. GWEN: Yeah.
RACHEL: I mean, I don’t know. FIONA: It just made it such a fantasy,
because yeah, you have all this techno beat going on,
then there’s no technology. You have this old teapot, and this teacup
you’re trying not to break, and the forest and this
fancy, weird mansion place with the forest.
LINDSEY: I think– FIONA: It’s such a disconnect.
It makes it feel other-worldly. This song is not just a song.
It’s an experience in a way. LINDSEY: Yeah. No, I definitely agree.
FIONA: Yeah, I like that. LINDSEY: Hey, guys.
Thanks so much for watching. We hope you enjoyed the video. FIONA: If you wanna see more
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