Clairo “Bags” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Clairo “Bags” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Music being my full time job now, its like
so incredible, but so much of it is things that you are yet to discover and things that
are you to happen to you that you don’t know about yet. But there’s beauty in uncertainty I think
now that my life is so up in the air all the time, I’m like okay, maybe i’ll never
see that person again, but that’s okay. Trying to plan anything is like there’s
no point. Its like life just happens to you. That sounds so deep, that’s just like how
I feel. This song is definitely about one of my first
experiences with a girl. It’s definitely about me learning to be
comfortable in a place of the unknown. So rosdam and I met a long time ago and he
was a fan of my song flaming hot cheetos. I went to LA for a month to start writing
the record. I decided to make the album with him and it
was one of the best decisions I ever made. I started bringing songs like Bags to Rostam,
songs that I had written on my own. It’s really nice to sit down with Rostam
and really flesh out the songs that meant a lot to me. The song starts off with me sitting on the
couch with another person. Saying that every second counts is really
important because when you like someone, you don’t know if they like back, you feel like
time is ticking so loudly. And you feel like every minute, every second
is almost wasted because you’re not kissing them, you’re not expressing how you feel
to them. In saying that I don’t want to talk to you
anymore, I don’t want to have any of these random conversations that don’t mean anything
that just fill the space in between us. You know, we’re just talking about something
random because we both have something else on our minds. I think this person and I would joke around
a lot. We would call each other like random nicknames. You can call me by the name I gave you yesterday
is not only talking about the nicknames but alludes to “Call Me By Your Name” because
it’s about a girl. A little gay insert there. I’m only watching TV with you just to be
next to you. I don’t want to be watching TV. But I’m here because you’re here. I think especially when you’re having your
first experience with a girl, you read into things a lot more. I don’t know if they like girls at all,
let alone me. And we’re really good friends so it’s
like, how does that even work? This song is definitely emphasizing us sitting
on the couch, us not really talking about how we feel, us just existing together next
to each other is way better than me expressing how I feel and it going sour. Just being next to you is a lot better than
you walking out of the door and me being left along without this person. Mitchell is Joni Mitchell. So pour your glass of wine, Mitchell, Joni
Mitchell told me I’ll be just fine. It’s an allusion to “A Case Of You”
by Joni Mitchell and me and this person had been driving around listening to Joni Mitchell. A love experience as spilled wine, it makes
sense to me. Especially when expressing your emotions it’s
kind of like a wine stain you can’t get out after it’s been spilled. I think as of recently, I’ve definitely
valued taking things slow. I don’t want to scare you with my emotions
because they’re so intense. I don’t want to cut corners, I don’t want
to jump to conclusions. I don’t want to skip steps. What if we’re supposed to be friends at
first and then like years from now, it’s supposed to be a certain way. I don’t want to take things too fast for it to just burn out. So it’s like this balance between, do I
tell you or is it going to turn out where I feel bad about expressing my emotions and
I should have never said anything to begin with. It went the exact way I thought
it would, she made fun of me and it was just like
“alright, let’s just move on.” I think we both had like some emotions but
I mean we’re really good friends and I think it’s good to set those boundaries and know
that your friendship is more important than anything like that. It doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate those
moments. It doesn’t mean I can’t go back and think
about those moments very fondly, which is why I love music, why I love songs. Because they’re like just little capsules
of time and moments that no one can take away.


  1. This may get lost in the comments but if u have time go listen to my original on my channel it has 2 views lol 🙁 I love clario

  2. I just recently found it that Clairo went to my school ❤️❤️ and she lives on the other side of town that I live on which means she lives in my state 🥰

  3. Oh my GOD, PEOPLE, watch Billie Eilish’s interviews and then watch this. Billie is cute and talented but OH MY GOD SHE’S DUMB AF. Idk what the actually age difference is but Clairo sounds like she’s 20 years older

  4. I don’t know every word to this song or anything and I figured it was about a crush or bf/gf but it helped me when I was crying about my bad relationship with my dad and how he left me and comes back like it never happened. it just helps me a lot so thank you Clario!

  5. Holy fuck, this is me. This is how I feel about a friend. Clairo is trying to comfort me but shit still kinda hurts yaknow

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