1. Thanks for another great tutorial. This will the the fourth classical piece I've learned and memorized from your videos. The instruction is greatly appreciated and head and shoulders better than videos that are just a screen capture of Synthesia.

  2. I'm a new subscriber but I already learned a lot from your videos! How about making a tutorial of Liebestraum preferably easier version? Thanks, keep it up!

  3. Man I could totally do this! never knew a classic like this would be this simple. can't wait to practice it. thanks!

  4. At minute 1:42 the chord coming from B is missing one note, an A.

    Then on the chord after that one two notes are missing, a D# and F#.

  5. This is gonna take me like a month. I've spent all day on it and have only memorized the first 15-30 seconds of it…
    Worth the grind!

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