CES 2020: NAD T 778 BluOS-enabled AV surround sound receiver | Crutchfield

Hey this is JR, we are here at the
Venetian in the NAD suite here for CES 2020, and one of the reasons we’re here
is to see this guy right here. This is a new home theater receiver from NAD,
called the T 778. It is a nine-channel amplifier with a
hybrid digital amplifier in it, meaning lots and lots of power, nine channels of
sixty watts of RMS power up to about a hundred and sixty watts of dynamic power,
so you have all the headroom you could possibly need here, and with NAD you know
that they are full disclosure power ratings, meaning it’s always gonna do
what they said if not more. You’ll also notice it’s got a nice huge
touchscreen on here, which makes it very easy to control, and you can control a
lot with it including all of the current Bluesound Gen 2i streaming music from
just about anywhere at high resolution, so it’s gonna sound as good as possible.
It is a full-featured home theater receiver, which means it does do Dolby
Atmos and DTS:X. The five HDMI inputs on the back that it comes with can also of
course handle HDR, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, so your video is going to look fantastic as
well. They do use MDC, or modular design construction, so if you wanted to add
more HDMI inputs or anything else to the back of it you can do that. It comes with
Dirac, which is their room correction software, which will do up to 11.2 channels of sound, and it also offers advanced bass management, so you
can really tweak it and make it sound perfect in your room with your speakers.
This should be available this year, probably sometime around March. We’re
pretty excited about it, NAD always outperforms everything they tell us it’s
going to do, so this should be no exception. This is the new home theater
receiver, the T 778. Thank you so much for watching, I’m JR here at CES 2020.

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