1. this song is like: ''u are my bro, then i love you''
    every song: ''my ex is… bla bla bla''

    i love you billie! you're so original

  2. Tbh my sis that is 16 loves Billie Ellish and she said if I listened to her for 10 days she will give me ten bucks soo….

  3. I love you Billie Eilish, I love your clips today I'm turning 15, MY DREAM IS TO KNOW YOU, I AM FROM BRAZIL, I WOULD LIKE TO GO TO SOME YOUR SHOW

  4. i always thought billie and finneas were “too close” but now i realize my relationship with my brothers just sucks and this is what healthy sibling connections look like 🤪

  5. Ok but when Billie posted this video, it was my 16th birthday and i had promised myself not to cry on my birthday this year, and Billie had to post this video, and made me ugly cry, THANKS BILLIE

  6. If I was feeling like that, I would "check out" for a while and go find a small island or a big mountain in country that no one has heard of you yet (and without internet access), and bring your friends and family for a bit of a holiday and just chill out for as long as you can get away with it. Don't let the fame monster destroy you. Nobody would want to see that. People would forgive you for disappearing. Some would anyway. Don't worry about anyone else who doesn't. They don't get it.

  7. when the clip started, I hesitated and thought, " can a Billie Eilish clip be so boring?! Thank you for such an amazing video, for such a wonderful song.

  8. Music video is lacking. Not much artistry. Why has no one mentioned the relationship she has with her brother looks incestrious?

  9. …They don't deserve you… while the camera shot close up to finneas. 😍 That's cool!!! Wish my older sis say the same words for me when i'm down

  10. We never realize how people impact us until they’re gone. To see Billie wrote a whole song dedicated to her brother touch’s my heart.

  11. Their siblingship is fucking amazing. They’re so lucky to have each other like it’s really sweet how much she looks up to him.

  12. This is so heart warming <3

    Billie’s lyrics speak louder than her voice.Them combined together make the loudest voice ever.


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  14. Shes lucky to have a brother that supports and help her do her music i mean i wish i had a brother that did that i also respect billie for winning 5 grammys its amazing 🥴 she has made history also being 18 jesus… also she was suicidal at one point and i dont want nothing bad to happen to neither of them the best artist in the world i love you Billie 💕

  15. So outside of what anyone else is doing musically. I can't get enough. Wondering where their journey will take them next. Such genius between the two. I'm in awe.

  16. So this isn't usually what I listen to but I tend to keep an open mind, I am mesmerized by your voice Billie. You and your brother have great things coming for you and I wish the best. It has been hard with depression and things like that and listening to your music may just help me I am hoping. Keep up the work!

  17. a poor, lost girl with personality disorders who does not sing but mutters under her breath. if not for her brother would sell hamburgers at McDonald's. terrible what young people have idols now

  18. the fact that she directed this herself and wrote about her brother is great. my girlfriend is a huge billie eilish fan and i honestly don't blame her.. like.. god this is amazing.

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