Bear Performs “Baby Got Back” By Sir Mix-a-Lot | Season 3 Ep. 7 | THE MASKED SINGER

Bear Performs “Baby Got Back” By Sir Mix-a-Lot | Season 3 Ep. 7 | THE MASKED SINGER


  1. I am not a fan of hers but she did very welel and I thought she was cool doing this,.she did great too

  2. For an extra surprise, the 2 dancers should have been unmasked to reveal Tina Fey as Sarah, and Amy Poehler as Hillary.

  3. Bear:
    ✔️ Times Magazine Most Influential People
    ✔️NY Bestseller
    There are one more Influential person and two more Bestsellers in team C.

  4. I’ve never been so mad about someone getting booted! She was amazing!! Way better than stupid frog & white tiger wtffff

  5. I am a Mexican but even i had listened multiple times to Not evil by Tiffany Haddish from Lego movie 2 to know in no way this is Tiffany

  6. Spoiler alert:
    T-rex is jojo sawin
    Astronauts is andy grammar
    Rhino is tim McGraw
    Swan is twilight
    Others one
    Turtle is Jesse McCarty
    White tiger is Gronkowski

  7. See, knowing a politician was in the UK version made me think 'okay it's possible' and then when they guessed tina fey something clicked for me, because Tina did quite a few sketches acting as Sarah Palin, and I recognized the accent, but I still never would have guessed. Thanks for the great laugh!

  8. Everyone :comparing white tiger and bear
    Everyone:bear did better than white tiger
    Me:yall just being haters white tigers not even in group three he in group one explain that

  9. Americans just straight up watch trainwreck politicians rap while wearing furry suits? COME, ON. Go outside!!! Enjoy life!!!

  10. Do you guys know that narrative in movies when people mess something up really bad in the past while time traveling so the furure is completely weird? At this point i am sure someone from the future messed up big time coming back to 2016. Its like "wtf a reality star got president and sarah palin is doing rap now".

  11. Sarah Palin used to date Glenn rice ex basketball for the Laker when she was a sports announcer so it makes sense for her to sing Sir Mix-A-Lot

  12. Accurate presentation of white girls @karaoke doing rap songs. Really awful, but you get it at the same time😋🤣she should of busted out the ANACONDA lyrics at the end like nicki

  13. :45 "take your average black man and ask him…"
    OK…so sarah was supposed to switch up and say, "take the average sista and ask her what…"

  14. The moment she started, I knew it was Sarah Palin. I recognize her voice immediately, thank you Epic Rap Battles of History 😉

  15. i actually guessed this correctly and im usually not good at guessing lol. i was also going back and forth with tina fey

  16. Group C was collectively the best group. I had no idea who was gonna go home. Bummer 2 more of these talented people have to go home yet the White Tiger is still in it.

  17. She did pretty good 👍. I figured that the bear would be one of the people that would probably be unmask. I would never have guessed unmasking would be Sarah Palin!!😯😯😯🤯

  18. Congrats Governor Sarah Palin " U Rocked ThatRap Song ! You Got The Rap & Moves ! I Hope Someone Gives U A Chance 2 Make That A Single Rap Song Labeled Hit ! U Go Girl ! Women Strong & Women Power & Having Fun ! I Loved Your Performance & Song ! And U Shocked The Nation & World With This Masked Mama Bear Singer !!! 👍😃


    Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot was released 28 years ago in 1992 when Sarah Palin was 28 years old. Governor Sarah Palin is 56 years old.

    The song is literally half her age exactly. 56-28 = 28.


  20. Well she was better than the white tiger, I’ll give her that.🤷🏼‍♀️
    Omg is Sarah Palin that was surprising and never thought she will do this show wow

  21. Sarah was awesome and she was absolutely right to say "It was all about fun and unity and that's what our country needs now". Ok, Pelosi, let's see what you got.

  22. 12 years ago, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin were debating each other for VP.

    Now Biden is going to become the leader of the free world and Sarah is singing Baby Got Back while dressed as a bear.

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