Asphalt Sealcoat Sprayer Sprays Sealcoat from Drums

we’re looking at a 55 gallon portable
drum sealcoat unit here which holds enough sealcoat to do approximately 5500 square feet of asphalt which is equivalent to eleven 500-square foot
driveways this unit is really ideal for a small to
medium-sized property owner that’s looking to save some money by doing
their job done on their own or for a contractor that’s really looking to do
weekend work a day or two a week of work on the side and get started in the
sealcoat business. This 55-gallon drum sprayer features quick-connect supply
and feed lines which makes it really easy for you to assemble and disassemble the
unit if you’re not planning on leaving it permanently mounted in your vehicle
or trailer it also features the ability for you to
circulate sealer, not just spray, which is important. it allows you to make sure that
your sealer is staying mixed while you’re out on the job it also features 50-foot lengths of
three quarter-inch sealcoat hose, a 42 inch ball valve gun with three quick
connect tips The 55 gallon sprayer also features a
rugged cast iron sealcoating pump. the pump is capable of circulating the seal
coat at a comfortable rate of 225 gallons per minute making sure that it continuously stays
mixed. this unit weighs around 850 pounds when it’s fully loaded with sealer and
is mounted–can be mounted directly to a skid. any half ton or 2,000 pound
trailer are fully capable of handling this unit. as with all of our equipment this unit is in stock and we have plenty
of flexible shipping options so you can start making money right away

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