Artisan Piano Services

Artisan Piano Services

My wife Kathy and I actually started the
company back in 2005 under our last name Hayes. Back then it was Hayes Piano Restorations Kathy would work and do all the
scheduling appointments on the dining room table and I would work on action parts on
the kitchen, on the counters I kinda like looking back and seeing
that because it reminds me of kind of where we were at and I think you need things like that to help remind you how far you’ve come I’m after several years of growing and
working in the business it got to the point where it was a little bit much for us. We need
to come up with another way of the business working and in helping out customers so I can still remember to this day
approaching my dad with and idea It was probably not even an idea
It was more of a question how can we establish an Artisan Piano Services that is gonna allow for multiple technicians in
multiple locations that is gonna provide a consistency the
customers this year and 10 years from now are going
to have the same great service that they had David back at Hayes Piano
Restorations what we really wanted was to establish a
team who had not only all the excellent
skills that you just naturally expect in any kind service
business but kinda personality to provide the kind the service that people see as a different kind of
thing and we were excited to not only find those people but train them to help
them have the skills they’re gonna need and the tools they need to do
their job excellently what makes are some unique in my experience
so far is Artisan is the only one the only
company going at Piano Service from a team
aspect its its I think gonna revolutionize the
way the piano service industry works just because you’re able to service
more people as a company or more accessible to the
customer I think they probably really valuable
our technicians and how respectful they are in our in the customer’s home
they take off their shoes their respectful of being careful
with the surrounding areas decorations are wall things that
are around the piano when they pulled action out of a piano very respectful the panel itself
they really care about the customers and it’s not just what we say but really
follow through with out with the piece of mind here and if there’s a key that sticking our you know
there’s a problem buzz in a piano that comes up afterwards
I really like that we can just tell our customers call us back and will come out and address that
problem right away for you one of the things we wanted to establish early on was a philosophy that could be really summed up with the
golden rule do unto others just like you have them do unto you and
that’s not just between the company and customers but it’s
between various members of our team the vendors the we have the people that we support and they support us in
various ways such that we’re taking care of one another we see each other as as valuable people I like the opportunity that Artisan has
given me do rebuild pianos that’s something that I love and I was really hoping that I will be able to do more of it and Artisan has given me the opportunity to do just that pretty much no matter what a piano needs we have somebody who is able to take care of the job I guess you can say our story is about
an idea that care company and company became a philosophy, a way of life it’s all about serving people we don’t just service pianos but we help
people we help people enjoy life more and if we can have a small part in
people’s lives and make their life more enjoyable then our job was well done so as long as we can keep on doing that
keep helping our customers we’ll be there for them


  1. Artisan Piano Services are the best!
    We had an unfortunate situation where a moving company dropped our baby grand piano when moving.  Artisan did an amazing job refinishing and restoring the damaged area and also cleaning and tuning the piano in a very timely and professional manner.  I would highly recommend Artisan Piano Services!

  2. David, this is a beautiful video, you obviously have a very talented team. Thank you for the great care you have given my treasured piano.

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