what's a break gain you guys air fucking awesome I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding what's up guys it's your boy back at it again with another video and yes this is a highly anticipated video whoo mainly because you guys wanted me to react to Tanya sabot and Corona with the song la galaga official video now you guys definitely were hitting me up a lot about this over the last few days and stuff like that it came out July 2nd so I mean ever since the song came out you guys like yo check it out check it out check it out you won't regret it you won't regret it so I'm gonna check this out if you guys haven't already do yourselves a favor though and definitely hit that red button because we do reactions every single day okay every single day okay so um yeah like comment subscribe turn your post notifications and we are gonna go ahead and get into this thing yeah okay KDM exclusive yeah it says rated are restricted why under-17 requires accompanying accompanying parent or adult guardian I wonder why I wonder if there's nudity in here you know what I'm liking the festive vibes from this I'm really diggin the festive vibes like nothing but the heads nothing but there is nothing but the motherfuckin hands this is nice you know what that guy kind of looks like Corona kind of reminds me of Fareed bang I feel like Fareed bang is operating under an alias ha ha ha ha in the Balkan area and calling himself Corona he definitely looks just like Fareed bang man they look like brothers I'm not gonna lie well kind of kind of actually as the camera gets a little closer on his face I can see it that's definitely not Fareed Bing but they could be you know cousins possibly her boys man oh my god her voice her voice okay her voice is actually pretty fucking legit so there's that okay like it's definitely a very vibe dancing everybody's having a wonderful time you can see that visuals are on point I mean the quality is amazing the production is through the roof I mean there's nothing there's nothing negative I can say about this honestly there's nothing negative I can say about this it's beautiful it is absolutely beautiful that's what I like about it the Balkan area turns up twice now I'm not entirely sure if this is Serbia but if it is this is like I'm telling you to pick the perfect the perfect collaboration for this video the perfect collaboration I know you guys get a little upset you like oh you got you'd even bother to translate it a blah blah like I tell you music is a big vibe for me I don't listen and translate everything I don't I don't even listen to a lot of the American stuff that I vibe with I don't listen to the lyrics I listen to the fucking melody listen to fucking melody man like I'll let it go crazy it turn up twice and I'm just like alright cool this is dope but if it if it's not like that and I'm just like okay well obviously the vibe is not there so what are we going off of but this dude this has a strong fucking vibe strong vibe Hey okay I like that I like that I like that she is like I was like I said I've said it a million times I'm not gonna say it again oh okay she has a great voice I can't do what you did I can't sing y'all know that huh you guys probably looking at me like why is he trying why is he trying to sing I can't sing for forgotten as what I can't I honestly can't but I try that's the most important thing I try maybe you guys can learn of the thing or two for me where they've thing or two from a pro okay my big question my big question is are they together I asked this question a lot because lately in a lot of the videos people have been getting real close but it's only been one girl only one girl on one dude in the videos normally you know if it's like a video where everybody's having fun there's normally hella girls one dude or maybe he'll it do tell it chicks they're all mismatched and mingling all that stuff but you know it seems like people are just sticking at one person in these music videos I'm like ooh this looked like very there's a very couple orientated okay so I'm just I'm just trying to clear the air the atmosphere and everything in life what's really going on I wonder what la Gallagher stands for like a la la la like what is lock a lock is that for I'm coming pretty curious I have no idea what it means I mean honestly I have no idea but if you guys let me know that would be great yeah Matt great I love scenes like this where everybody's just dancing like look right here right here err look at the movie man they all got the moves especially this one right here she got that move she's just you know doing her thing man like she you could tell she she did her fair share of Zumba Fitness man she done left left left forward backward yes yes get it move those hips left-right back-forth sorry step and bring it back to go thing bring it yeah all that stuff hey it's it's doable she's on point look watch oh my my fucking ears dude my ears my ears have never heard Beauty this intense and a long time like wow well this is crazy this is absolutely insane and I have you guys to thank for that you know okay a good recommending me amazing music from around the world it's beautiful thank you honestly thank you so much fun so much positive energy guys listen like that was a dope track that was super dope and honestly I had a really like I enjoyed myself I enjoyed myself watching that honestly like I honestly did that was oh my gosh Tonya Sabbat and Claude onna now Tanya I'm not sure I can I want to say maybe I've reacted to her before I maybe not she doesn't seem something a familiar artist but I have reacted to Corona is vini mama I have reacted to that but I have not reacted to Thalia before I don't think and if I didn't if I did I just don't remember was probably so long ago that I can't really recall hearing her voice but she's obviously a very talented artist and it Balkans in general they always impressed me with either their their talent and people out there you know musically inclined and whatnot because they they go out in the scene and they continue to break through new waves every time and it's it's it's it's comforting knowing that there's people out there doing their thing up from you know Balkan area I mean granted every country has their people that do their thing but I love it like I had an infatuation for the Balkan area ever since Iraq reacted to my very first video from there I was curious as to what the people were like but what the vibe was like out there and I hadn't I knew nothing about anything about that but then you guys came to me so it's been awesome learning and like ingesting the music and stuff and like you know getting some cultural tips from a lot of you guys and stuff it's pretty dope it's pretty dope so anyways on that note thank you guys so much for watching it's been awesome hopefully you guys like chillin with me and the rest of the breaking make a friend in the comments down below I challenge you to make a friend a friend in the comments down below hashtag breaking for a chance to get shouted out in the beginning of one of my youtube videos and yeah it is it's lit its lit also most creative comment will definitely get a personal shout-out from your boy yeah honestly cuz you guys you guys you guys are funniest fuck a lot of you guys are funniest fuck anyways I'm off of here I'm signing off I'm gonna make some more videos and call it a night cuz it is kind of late and I'm like you know doing my thing alright thank you guys so much for watching thank you for supporting the breaking helped us get to 100k please please it would be a huge treat to see something like that huge huge huge thank you take care peace


  1. new viewer of your channel, love your videos, pretty interesent. so please enjoy and comment this one as you do, with coolness and intelligently. JUICE feat SVABA ORTAK – Daj daj daj, serbian rappers but SVABA ORTAK lives in Germany, so it's a serbian/germanian rap. thank you guy for your attention, love from France

  2. Yes, this is Serbian song and no, they are not together.. Also laga laga stands for lying, the lyrics are laga laga lagao me that can be translated like he ly ly lied to me, or something like that 🙂 #BRAYGANG Also can you react to Relja x Nikolija – Meduza? Please and thank you :))

  3. You should react to some older songs,like Tanja Savic-Zlatnik,Maya Berovic-Mama,mama,Kaya-htela bih.They are not together she has 2 sons with her husband❤️

  4. Imam problem – Maya Berovic x Aca Lukas you wont regrettt, its new song😍
    #BRAYGANG ❤️
    (video isn't great but melody, song…😍)

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