Alejandro Aranda Sings Original “Poison” – Showstoppers – American Idol 2019 on ABC

Alejandro Aranda Sings Original “Poison” – Showstoppers – American Idol 2019 on ABC

And face-to-face You know That I’ve been watching you to cause this pain Out loud within the truth So, tell me (3x), lover if I’m the one you need. (crowd cheering) Oh, yeah, it’s you Your love is so poisoning me Oh, yes. Your love is so Your love is so poisoning me So, I’ll think about the pieces that we’re left Between the sheets that we shared Oh, yes. Your love is so Your love is so poisoning (crowd cheering) Face-to-face You know that I’ve been needing you To cause this pain, oh (crowd cheering) Oh, yeah, it’s you Your love is so poisoning me Oh, yeah. Yes, your love is so. Your love is so poisoning me (crowd cheering) – Wow. – Wooh – Wow. I just. I just pray. I pray that America truly understands – how challenging and tough it is to do and play the guitar like you just played it. – It is.
– Thanks. – I’ve nev-
– Yeah, I know. It’s just in your voice man, this is the best you have sang in this competition your first performance and right then was amazing Thank you. I feel. I want you to understand something. It’s singing other folk songs it’s great and you’ve done a great job in making that connection, but Watching you, sing your songs is everything. Because it’s instant identity, man. I know in the first two notes of everything It’s you. And your star if I may say so, your star has already gone to the top as far as I’m concerned You’ve got a career for a very long time – Thanks, homie. First of all, that was the best you have ever sang on this show. – Thanks, Katy. Second of all, How wonderfully Interesting. Will it be when you change American Idol by winning American Idol? Subscribe to the American Idol YouTube channel


  1. Alejandro brought me here to subscribe. Amazing Talent! Hope he comes to perform at SXSW IN AUSTIN, TX👍❤

  2. 😃🤫sssshhh….he is an experiment…sent to us🛸 by little green👽👽👽 people from billions of galaxies🌠🌚 awaaaaayyy! 🛸

  3. I love his smile. It kept reminding me of someone but I could not figure it out, but now I know. He smiles a lot like Stephen Baldwin, which I love him too.

  4. I hate american idol audiences. Shut the fuck up I want to hear HIM perfor. So much nicer than your claps and screaming. NEED BETTER PERFORMANCE ETIQUETTE 👌

  5. I am a musician and also teach music in college. I have to say Alejandro's voice is typical, I am so confused why they make him a big deal.

  6. You are a star if you do not win A. I. That will mean that God wants you to have your own contracts and you do not have to be submitted to American Idol contract you will decided your own destiny.

  7. I know that I will be listenig your music in the radio so keep working hard as you always do and be an inspiration for the new generation.

  8. Such a beautiful spirit! LOVE this song! Sorry that he did not win AI, ..BUT I know that he is on to a greater journey! <3

  9. In my eyes he won he's free from the contract that would control him he's free to fly wherever he wants GO FOR IT HOMIE YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

  10. Absolutely the best AI has EVER seen. Enjoy Homie, you will travel the world sharing your AWESOME talent. You are SET for the rest of your life. Thanks for coming along.. you my friend, have BLESSED us with your talent.

  11. Professional keyboard artist/producer Cori Jacobs gives him high praise as he breaks down the chord arrangements by Alejandro. Search this on YouTube to check it out "cori jacobs on alejandro aranda"

  12. Just WOW. This song (lets be real, all of Alejandro’s songs) has been stuck in my head non-stop!

  13. I never heard no one in American idol i only tuned in for AA but today i saw a laine hardy performance and oh boy that shit was cringy asf👎👎 tbh i couldnt watch more than 10 seconds, im still in disbelief i cant believe he won, i think old country ppl voted for the lil asian white boy🤣😂 .

  14. Hes terrific, but you people are so used to hearing the garbage that's come out of the music ind these days you're calling him a God and such.. lol no

  15. Lionel wasn’t kidding. Seconds into this and I can already tell it’s his song. Absolutely amazing.

  16. I mean he is a good artist and it's cool that he is kind of being an outlier based on his singing and performing style, but just feel like American Idol is the wrong platform. Maybe I need to hear it live

  17. Jomie you became a legend the moment you played the quitar like no other. If anyone plays like you, he/she will be your 2nd best You define talent to a whole new level.
    I know you are hurt because nobody close to you supported you but because of that it made you the person who you are now and everyone love.
    Keep on playing that sweet guitar tone. Its amazingly entertaining and appealing. 😎👍

  18. Alejandro is doing incredibly difficult contrapuntal music — two melodic lines at the same time. Singing and playing two compositions at once is like a right handed person trying to print with his left hand. A genius.

  19. I hate that he did not win. He was such a great taste of originality and SERIOUS talent. This guy is no joke.

  20. I just cannot wait until his album comes up! I’ll listen to it non stop. He should’ve won, no doubt about it.

  21. what does the chorus of this song remind me of?!?!?! I can't think of the name of the song and it's pissing me off lol…

  22. I love this song, this performance, this man!  Hard to imagine, but it's been less than less than 5 months that we've known of him.  His music is all I want to listen too, and he has provided us with so much of it.  I am thrilled for his success!  Love you, Alejandro!  Thank you for EVERYTHING!

  23. I really think that he didn't come to participate. He just came to promote his songs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. I just love a Alejandro I want him to come to Georgia I want to meet him he's a special person has a special talent he's unbelievable the way he plays guitar and sings he's amazing he's amazing please let me meet aleandro

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