‘A Major conspiracy’: Indicted Giuliani Aides Could Sing To Feds | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

‘A Major conspiracy’: Indicted Giuliani Aides Could Sing To Feds | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. "Pro-Russia" Ukrainian citizens….. funneling "Russian" money…. to "Guliani and Republican Senators"…..and "#ForestTrumps re-election campaign" ……Why? ….What are they getting in return?…….oh!

  2. EXACTLY… Since the Castrati Party and their minions want all this to be public… wait till the investigations are all out… then the Democrats should have the final re-hash of all these testimony IN PUBLIC AND ON TV… That's when the Castrati and their lick arses will be saying that we should NOT be having these trails in public… that'll be the day…

  3. All know that Rudy Giuliani its a Trump puppet and soon very soon Trump he's gonna through him out of the bus like the rest of the his team members when he doesn't need them any more. All Trump team become disposable one that he has been exposed by any of them.

  4. Why is Rachel Maddow show on the Deondre Ritchie video channel/Site rather than on the MSNBC site? Category Gaming? With a CNN banner covering the NBC logo??? Take a look at URGENT! Breaking Trump News 10/23/19 – Rachel Maddow Breaking News OCT 23, 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7D5akubU7U

  5. American Government claims Iranians are the biggest terrorists in the world. They forgot to mention the headquarter is in the White House.

  6. Obama was a great president! On the other hand trump will stay in american history as the worst president that ever existed! The letter he sent to the turkish dictator erdogan will be one of the incredible examples of his deep stupidity! Well … I mean… of his "very stable genious and unmatched wisdom!" 🙂

  7. The most hilarious part of all this trash is when they first asked the Ukraine president about the call he didn't even remember it hahaha. Democrats are sickening.

  8. I bet my left foot , that when this is all done, it will be found out that trump wanted a part of the 400 million our country gave Ukrane. We should follow the money and start looking for a trump escrow account. Not just for this transaction but others. This presidency is being treated like his non profit foundations. Just cash cows to be milked.

  9. when trump says he does not know these ukranians and then he is seen in photos with them, then you know his already thrown rudy under the bus and rudy right now is like what the F am on my own trump can not help me. better lawyer up

  10. Trouble is both these men are kgb operatives,so 30 years in prison is far easier than chewing on your own balls,after being shot

  11. hows he think there covered by executive privilege they don't work for the government guiliani is private lawyer he doesn't work for the US public

  12. The Trump Bus keeps rolling over his cohorts in crime. Hope Rudy doesn't hang himself before Trump can shoot him on Fifth Avenue.

  13. If they are going to claim executive privilege than it means they WERE Involved with trump all this time after all. They are helping trump to dig his and their own graves. Good!

  14. Media and guest speakers needs to stop using the term “The Big Kahuna”… it’s offense to Hawaiians

  15. When are the Republicans who support Trump show some spine and revolt. How will they face their children and grand children , when asked as to what position they took in these weird times in American history. God save the USA if Trump wins again.

  16. "I don't know this "Melania." They say I have a son with her, but I have sons with many women. I'm sure they'll find some kid who will say he is mine. It's fake news"

  17. Are Lev and Igor American citizens. Has Igor got approval from Dracula to do another job in the daytime or doubling up at night for the Ghoul(iani). Can he tell the difference between Dracula and the Ghoul. What is Dracula's opinion about Don being impeachable.

  18. Time to booth all these Republicoruassn Traitors out of office, an stick them where they all belong, in JAILs surrounded with a moat filled with snakes & alligators like they want!
    They want to act so stupid to crash the house impeachment, GOOD Lock them all up for treason!!!

  19. Funny how Trump incited the Republicans to obstruct justice by storming the closed meeting in congress on 23 Oct 2019. At least now America and the world knows all the faces of those sheep who defy laws and legal due process just like Trump who incited them to do it.

  20. "Sounds like all Pelosi needs to do is meddle with the charges and Trump is free as a Bird! Happy Day its off to the Temple dedication in Jerusalem and the official start of the slavery of mankind to His Infernal Majesty Satan!"

  21. Little Donnie and his sheepish Republicans need to be taken to market.
    Rudi is going to turn on Little Donnie, as well as his 2 Russian cohorts.
    Little Donnie likes chaos. He got his wish.

  22. Questions I HOPE will be answered soon: (1) For WHAT did Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, through their defunct company "Fraud Guarantee," pay Rudi Giuliani $500 K? (2) HOW do Lev and Igor connect Russian mob associate Dmitri Firtash (and associate of Vladimir Putin) to Rudi Giuliani and by extension, Donald Trump? and (3) Did Donald Trump fire ambassador Yovanovitch because she stood in the way of some corrupt enterprise in Ukraine undertaken by Lev and Igor, or was he merely played for a chump by Lev, Igor, and Giuliani?  And regarding Lev and Igor, it will be interesting to see if they adhere to a "code of omerta" or whether they "sing." If it's the latter, they may very well suffer an unfortunate encounter with a Polonium milkshake. At the center of this web may lie a spider (or spiders) that doesn't f*** around.

  23. Ok everyone it time again to take the GOP names & numbers of the Traitors that were involved with the GOP stormed impeachment inquiry! The why they did this, we know Russian $$$, & look into where they are getting funded, yes we know it's DTRUMPcoRussia$$$ hidden offshore organize syndicate! Check his hotels they are the conduit of cash from Putin Inc.

  24. You look at the way he uses people. Lures them into his criminal enterprises. Then disowns them as soon as there is trouble. So when you see all that what makes someone look at it and say, I want some of that. No one in their right mind would go near it. Who in their right mind thinks what could go wrong.

    And they are so inept. You've heard of the Keystone Cops, here's the Keystone Criminals. You can just imaging them hanging onto the back of a golf cart. Being flung around as Trump goes around the corners. someone goes hurtling off and when he is told about it Trump say I didn't know them.

  25. You'll have to ask Rudy, Trump says when it's regarding to him he throws everyone under the bus. A very poor excuse for a man as well as an president. The corrupted 4 are the villains that should be in an marvel movie.

  26. So all the campaign funds trump raised supposedly from U.S. supporters? Are not as much as purported to be! Most of it is illegal. So when are they going to cease the illegal campaign contributions?


  28. This is why trump have so much money for his campaign. Like they always compare his campaign amounts with the Dems but this is why he is getting this money from shady sources so it’s not a fair comparison.

  29. Jesus. America's mayor and the Diaper Don collaborating on a shakedown of an ally to benefit Vlad the Impaler. You really can't make this stuff up.

  30. Executive privilege…LOL. God Americans are stupid. Just keep the criminal at the head, fuckwits. It looks good to see your so-called “greatest country in the world” collapsing in on its own hubris.

    Enjoy your Civil War Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

  31. Now that Julie Annie and Chump associates, Lev and Igor, have been popped, Julie Annie at least is getting himself a criminal defense lawyer. Lev's lawyer drew a direct line to Chump in court yesterday when they told the court they have 'executive' privilege. Now what, exactly, did one half of Fraud Guaranteed and Mafia Rave have with 45? All roads lead to Puta.

  32. @Ari Melber the claim you guys are fake news media but, They don't claiming all the crimes they're snitch9ing on their own selves on national TV. @MotormouthGuiliani, And @RealDonaldPutinTrump, You all will be cellmates next to manafort, Cohen, pappadopulis, and so many more (22ppl), that they have started their own jail it's called, CBS4 cell block swamp #4 😅😭🤣😂👮⛓️🔗⚖️ to all Zombies / Puppets , @RealDonaldPutinTrump is gonna need a lot of mail and lots of naked White supremacists men nude pics sent to his cell. LMFAO 😭🤣… Fake news, mofo the next time you do a crime ,Please Don't Tell Rudy or he'll be back on all TV stations even the cartoon Network telling everything. OMG 😭🤣😂

  33. One of Trump's classic 'tells' is when he says "I don't know…" Invariably, that always means that he Does know exactly what's going on or happened, but is trying to deflect. He's just not very good at telling the colossal amount of lies he spews out…

  34. The quid pro quo resulted into a not very pro mess. Giuliani promised trump an easy push-and-pull conversation with compromised foreign leaders, to bring dirt for political slings against political adversaries and pull any moneys promised. I worked with Hillary, didn't it? Easy imperial procedure, to treat serf nation into your reelection campaign.
    Only thing wrong was that Rudy's fingers were caught inside the rat's trap. And denial is not doing the intended shush.

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