5 Most Popular German Bands

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okay hey everyone today we’ll be talking about the five most popular German bands
Rammstein Rammstein a hard rock band rammstein so ahem Stein Rammstein a hard
rock band rammstein is an Internet Sunnah they’re back enter Darja hot rock
band rammstein is an internationally well known german hard rock back choke
your hotel Tokyo hotel choke your hotel a rock band
Tokio Hotel Tokyo hotel a rock band Tokyo hotel is an Adagio rock band it’s
five thousand ants calendared water Tokio Hotel East and a dark band
it’s five thousand ions Gugu endured water yes so I remember them they were
very famous when I was a teenager and they had like all these 13 year old
girls fans and yeah they are really crazy about them but yeah that’s it look
the app stir d else
the add stir a punk band D AB stir a punk band the adds doesn’t I need a back
understand arch in punk rock bands the ads doesn’t ina dare the Canton dodging
punk-rock bands the ad stur is one of the best-known German punk rock bands
yes so there are very long existing – they came out with this very famous song
it’s very old it was called Mena’s and Shriner men are pigs
and in when man Nazish – like yeah it was they were talking very bad about men
yeah they became very famous with it so scorpions
scorpions scorpions a rock band scorpions scorpions a rock band
judo shankha is thus antiga constant amid lead desk opions the scorpions only
constant member has been who drank up I don’t know them that well I didn’t even
know they were a German band Modern Talking Modern Talking apartment Modern
Talking Modern Talking a pop band DJ I became tab and modern char King potatoes
D tubulin on tumors and us desire back enter band modern char King first and
house D tubulin owned tumors and us the very famous and modern talking consisted
of detail Boleyn and Tomas Alice D tubulin is actually one of the judges of
Deutschland sucht den superstar which is similar to American Idol or singing
competition show okay so these were the five most popular German bands if you
have any German bands that you like let me know I’d be very curious about it
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