30 Deep Grimeyy & NWM Cee Murdaa “NoCap” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

30 Deep Grimeyy & NWM Cee Murdaa “NoCap” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

– It’s like five
neighborhoods in St. Louis that’s the same type of Crip as we is. He from one of them neighborhoods and I’m from one of them neighborhoods. – We end up touchin’ bases because we live across the street from each other. And I saw him, I’m like, “What’s up? “We need to do somethin’.” He like, “I got you.” He was faking though,
that nigga faked me out. – I ain’t friendly.
– He faked me out at first. So I keep pressin’ him, I was like, “Bro, we
gotta do a song, bro.” I kept saying, “We gon’
take over the loop.” – I already knew what type of Crip he was, but that still don’t make me friendly. But my little cousin come
across the street from school, going to his house to mine. I was like, who house you at? He like, “Murdaa.” And I’m like, “Oh, yeah, that dude hard.” – We was at his house, it was
us and a whole bunch of hoes. – We kicked those hoes out the room. – We kicked them out
the room and we wrote, it was just me and him. – They was in my kitchen
and my living room. – And we wrote the song. – We got the beat from
a producer named Hollow. Hollow Runningback, to be exact. He from Texas. We had got the beat off YouTube and he hit us up after
the song was blowing up and he was cool with it. – I fuck with Hallow,
he came to St. Louis too and niggas scared to come to St. Louis. And usually when you take a nigga’s beat, and get some views or they
get a little buzz off of it. – They try to get it taken down. – Aw, bullshit, he’s on our gangsta shit. We not Hoovers, we 62 East Coast Crips. East Coast neighborhood Crip,
we wear blue and orange. In some cities they
might wear blue and gray, but in my city, we wear blue and orange. Me and Grimeyy we call each
other the Hardy Brothers, we be tag teaming hoes. We put everybody out the
car and go get our bitch. We can be gang deep, we find some hoes, we call it a two man. Like we call it a two man mission. When we find two hoes, two man mission. A real boss is a nigga who ain’t scared, like say I got 100K in my
pocket and I’m in here, I’mma show, like pull it out, let y’all know I got 100K on me and I ain’t worried about
nobody trying to take it or none of that. A fake nigga, he would have that shit and be scared and be
all cooped up and shit, and then he’ll leave and take a picture. – Just having a lot of
two mens, me and Murdaa, but you can have three mans,
four mans, five mans, six mans, Murdaa ain’t really
getting to dig deep, deep how he could’ve dig deeper. Me, I don’t really
trust that many females, so, we’ll pick up like
three missions a day. But I have to approve of them. Murdaa had hella bitches lined up and I’m like, “Damn, who she with? “Oh yeah, how her sister look? “Her sister ugly?” I’m like, “Man, I ain’t
picking them hoes up. “Them hoes, no.” – I’m from Warren, and when I was like nine
years old, I moved on CN. That’s another 62
neighborhood as well though so I step for them too, that’s like my backyard,
that’s my second hood actually so I step for them just how
I’m stepping for anything else. I had a glock 10 millimeter. Everybody be asking like, “How the hell “you get a slim glock 10 millimeter?” Like, I’m one of the
only people that got one. Or that had one. I ain’t never seen one before. – Them niggas look up to me. Them niggas my sons. I raised these niggas. Like I used to be with these niggas. The same niggas dissing. The same niggas capping. Now they wanna be on some tough shit. It’s just basically saying
y’all niggas know the real. I’m y’all Daddy, for real. (laughs) Neen is Murdaa’s big brother. Fuck, that’s my brother too. “We do it for Neen and we do it for Jigs” I’m saying, who he do it
for and who I do it for. But we do it for these people. My homeboy Keon, he got killed, wasn’t really in the gangs
or none of that shit. He motivated a nigga to keep
rapping, like start rapping, when I was first rapping, when I was free styling shit as a kid. Neen was a big influence on Murdaa, so that’s like, we do it for them. – Deeberry, he a gang member, he originally from the neighborhood, he moved to Decatur, Illinois, he got locked up down there. He put a lot of work in, he been locked up a
whole lot as we was kids, he just kept going, but I kept going back, but that nigga he liked
that shit or something, I don’t know. But then he had 30 Deep on his neck, he’ll be home next year. Charles Deeberry, that’s his real name We call him Deeberry ’cause his last name was
hella funny growing up. He got out on that song. He was out, but he went back. (laughs) Like a couple weeks after and then came straight to my
house from Decatur, Illnois, he gave me his property and shit that they give you in a bag. He left that shit at
my house, went outside, got in the streets, got
locked right back up. – Fire, you know that’s
the darkest you can go. And that’s how our windows
be like all the way around, it be fire, presidential tint. It’s actually illegal,
but people still do it. We still do it. Like I ain’t getting in your
car if it ain’t got tint. – Grimeyy little brother, that’s dead, that’s on his neck that
say “Long live Streetz” that’s who I was talking about. I met Streetz, I met Kailen
before I actually met Grimeyy. Me and Kailen was in a group. And when I say I do it for Slime, I had grown too attached to
somebody named Ka’maar Jackson. His nickname was LB-Slime and we really got a relationship ’cause we both worked with them and we was both doing the
same thing, hustling, rapping. Like that was my little brother, and I ended up getting fired, no I quit, and he had begged me like,
“Man, bruh, keep yo’ job, bruh. “Like you the only person that
I got to talk to up here.” And shit like, we use to thug, everyday. Walk to the store, go get
a blunt, smoke, all that. Then, when I quit and missed him begging
me to come back to work, I never came. And I used to always be
with him when we leave. We would get a ride together or whatever and I went with him. And he tried to catch a ride
by his self and he got killed. – Jammin’ means juggin’ where I come from. Jammin’ mean like sellin’, like
jammin’, juggin’, you know. So what I’m saying is like,
what my little brother David, whatever he jammin’ right now, if he selling cupcakes, they so good they’ll put you to sleep. – If you got some shit for sale on the internet or something,
you know what I’m saying, I’ll link with you. I’ll fuck with you. Where you at, how you think. If we’re going to play for keeps. – I ain’t gon’ say us, people will wait for you
to post your location and then click right on your shit, pull up where you at. Some hoes don’t like
going nowhere by they self so I’ll be telling ’em,
“Kyle, man, we 30 Deep, “I got a nigga.” I be telling ’em, “I got a brother “for every sister you can.” – The Tracks and Rose,
I’m good in both of them. I’m good in both of their
hoods, both neighborhoods. I look up to niggas that’s OG’s, niggas that’s older than me
that’s been putting in work. Young niggas look up
to me from over there. I can go over there when I want to. I’m willing to step behind them. – How I am, I don’t care if
the gun legal or whatever, you gone think it’s
legal how I’mma had it. I don’t care if it’s legal or not, I’mma keep it regardless, I’d
rather go to jail than hell. – He’s talking a lot of
shit that he can’t back up. He say he want static with a motherfucker that he really know he
don’t want static with. And he’s just gassing up his people, his homeboys, neighborhood
to get fucked up. – Some niggas be running
so fast, you be like, “We chased his ass up out his shoes.” Niggas be running, leaving
their shoes behind and shit. – This fool, he kept yelling
when we first made the song, when I was like, “I keep
me on orange and blue” he’d be like, “No cap, no cap!” – Yep, yep, I was high.


  1. Murdaa said “ima keep it on me, I’d rather go to jail than hell” shit at least he know where he goin🤷🏾‍♂️

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