100 Layers of Band-Aids!! | Madison Still Hates Bandaids!

hi guys Trinity here welcome back to my
channel today we’re taking care of our pet lizard he is very cute and very
handsome his name is lippy and used up here –
dragon then enough like a king soon he’s gonna be a king when he grows up
do you really likes it when we see the lettuce out of our hands someone apparent to me you didn’t find
me it was on my son by year to find me yes yes you know more like he’s done
guys make sure you comment down below if you like our lizard scratched me oh I
see it no I think it’s okay chin just it’s like it’s not bleeding it’s just a
little scratch on his claw we have to turn this video and you taking care of
Trinity instead of taking care of lip you need a band-aid pouch there’s still
a sweet lizard mercy sorry best pen all right let’s get you covered up girl make
sure it gets right here in here yeah okay ready here we go that feel better trim no that still
hurts I think I need water let’s you’re fast and still hates
band-aids that’s ed just come down here Madison do you wanna join 100 litres of
band-aids really it does still hey band-aids a guy who looked like this
challenge so guess who’s gonna open the most band-aids my mom or my dad tell me
in the comments I’ll give you a couple seconds to guess so
five four three two one done if you can do that comment down below
keep squad ready daddy are you ready to watch the showpieces
look out Libby he’s ready have you ever seen band-aids shaped and squares I
don’t want to show this one this one Ursula she’s bad this one’s a nice one
it’s Cinderella have you ever seen square shapes band-aids before tell me
in the comments I have it alright guys okay Jen got all the bad eggs opened up
while I open most of my mom open like three or four but which ones should
where should we start and my arms my arms okay right there the
first one please yes you can hey which one y’all Madison
oh what’s that say for a birthday yeah that’s a sister summer because you’re my
best sister well that’s okay now all right the next here don’t know it’s a
bad one nope I’m just gonna put the little
chocolate swirl right on your nose do this one Holly I’m okay nine yards
okay already mm-hmm my son’s getting there oh that’s like a bracelet hey wait
the other side come back yep how about the merry all right
shoulder right here okay okay come on no darkness Claire Nick yeah I have some wants emojis you
guys are doing some great jobs here oh you’re gonna make me like a skeleton
look this is so funny how many are on you so far trend I don’t
know wait one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven okay wait
I’m gonna plant a strawberry kiss everybody your lips or mustache
they need a small one for your mustache 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26 27 that’s it hurry up come on Madison okay you can do that big finger trend
Madson you can do the big finger right here the big one this one this one just
just like that man that was fine oh maybe just fine just
one this one okay all right today wraps the monkey ones they’re juicy a monkey
face right there okay but first I have to put this down
right okay I’ll put it on your muscle where’s the monkey
now I won’t get to show my muscles now because the oldest Plex these things off
ah those muscle strength right there tell me in the comments this is 100
Tommy and the comments this is weird guys when you’re married give you one
fan date you should see if one band-aid because if you get this it’s way too
many sickie so this is probably not wrong 100 because they’ll probably give
me 100 so once please so please remember not to do a hundred
band-aids it’s too much stickiness guys usually everyone subscribes but turn on
that Bell and make sure it’s working YouTube’s broken turn on the belém make
sure it truths on okay well I gotta go to the store now and buy more and they
just three years well up one more challenge before we go see how fast you
can take them all off video OOP off your mustache on ya bathroom
it’s not a challenge oh you’re gonna lose if you’re anyone playing oh my else
can turn these thing in under a minute Oh we’ll leave that one on come on
you’re going slow on that arm Howie mayhap sorry now let’s hit to get the
rest get a messy oh all right we got them all we’ll get
them off yeah keep that one hon all right guys
we started with one and we ended with one well guys hope you liked watching
this video if you give a sh you some ZUP slash button turn notifications and
click on subscribe to my channel you

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