New releases: San Agustin guitarists Andrew Burnes and David Daniell have new solo releases out now on Table of the Elements, part of the label's 15th anniversary Guitar Series 3 & 4 - a follow-up to the label's groundbreaking 1993 7" releases (Guitar Series 1 & 2). The new releases are single-sided, 12-inch LPs, pressed on clear or colored vinyl, with original etchings on the reverse by acclaimed UK illustrator Savage Pencil, known for his contributions to The Wire and Forced Exposure and album covers for The Fall, Big Black, Sonic Youth, and Rocket from the Crypt. The contributors to Guitar Series 3 & 4: Oren Ambarchi, Ateleia and Benjamin Curtis, Belong, Andrew Burnes, Rhys Chatham, Collections of Colonies of Bees, David Daniell, Christian Fennesz, Thurston Moore, Jon Mueller, Stephen O'Malley, and Lee Ranaldo. Read the full press release here »


Andrew Burnes: Telescope
Table of the Elements TOE-LP-98

  David Daniell: I IV V I
Table of the Elements TOE-LP-99